Pregnancy questions

Is there away to do a spell or anything to find out if you are pregnant early on?


I honestly don’t know of one.


A friend of mine has hormone issues and thinks she might be but traditional test are inaffective since she is prone to fals negatives due to her hormones


I don’t know of any spells, but my family has used pendulums to see the sex of a baby before they are born. You could porbably do something similar to gauge pregnancy. Of course, the caveat is to not rely solely on the pendulum and see a doctor when available.

Here is some info from the Spells8 website on pendulums if you need it :blush:


Hi, I don’t know of any spells, but I have also heard & been asked to use pendulums for pregnancy-related things.


This one really works: Step 1) Manifest a dollar. Step 2) Find a Dollar Tree. Step 3) Find a pregnancy test. Step 4) Perform a currency transaction ritual.

In all seriousness, if you suspect you may be pregnant, be careful with certain spells, especially those that use herbal ingredients because so many of them are harmful. Do take a pregnancy test or consult with a healthcare provider for confirmation.


I mean i kno im not lol. But no i wasn’t planning on doing any spells i just thought maybe there was a way to ask like pendulum or egg reading or tea reading. Like i mentioned before with her hormones being out of balance pregnancy test have shown false results where she has had to get blood test done just to fund out positive or negative.


Hi @Dragonfly97!

I can’t think of any spells that I know of to determine a pregnancy- but I see you’ve already got some great suggestions! For something as big and life-changing as having a baby, I would recommend that your friend go through the steps and check all the bases, both magickal and mundane to be 100% certain :+1:

Like Francisco said, pregnancy tests aren’t too expensive and are pretty easy to get. Even if she’s prone to false negatives, it doesn’t hurt to try! If she goes to see her doctor I imagine they’ll be able to do a much more in-depth and accurate check too :mag:

For magickal methods of checking, I second Megan and Siofra with using the pendulum (a great yes/no divination method). You could indeed do a tea leaf reading- they are fun and easy to do!- and look for any shapes related to children/birth/childhood or motherhood. A mother holding a child, a baby, a binky or blanket, a male or female sign (:male_sign:, :female_sign:) would all point to a baby, while the lack of any of these symbols would suggest otherwise :coffee:

Another option is to ask your tarot or oracle cards. I’ve heard that this works for others, but full disclaimer the one time I inquired about a potential pregnancy for a close relative I got nothing but really sassy answers- my deck told me it wasn’t my business so I backed off :joy:

Whatever you and your friend choose to do, I wish you both all the best and I hope you can figure out one way or another!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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