Prehnite Information 💎


Mineral Family: Calcium, Aluminum
Structure: Silicate
Hardness: 6-7
Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Libra :libra:, Capricorn :capricorn:
Element: Water :sweat_drops:, Earth :earth_americas:
Planet: Venus :heart:, Earth :earth_africa:
Color: Green :green_heart:, Venusian Green :green_apple:

:green_heart: Prehnite is rarely seen in crystal form, but when it is, they’re usually very tiny prismatic crystals.

:green_heart: This mineral was first discovered in 1788 by A.G. Werner. Werner named it after the Dutch Military Colonel, Hendrik Von Prehn, who was in charge of the region where this mineral was found. Since then, Prehnite’s been found in China, Scotland, Australia, the US and New Zealand.

:green_heart: In 2000, an extremely rare pocket of orange Prehnite was discovered in the N’chwaning mine in South Africa. By 2002, the vein was completely exhausted and orange Prehnite has yet to be found again.

:green_heart: Prehnite is a rare stone due to the fact that it links our heart chakra directly to our solar plexus. That means that one’s heart space is now directly attached to one’s own personal will.

:green_heart: It’s recommended to meditate with Prehnite and using it as a manifestation tool. Grasp it firmly to communicate your dreams, goals and desires. Engage with this stone daily to keep those intentions alive so it can be a reminder as to the purpose of your journey.

:green_heart: Prehnite shows you that you have complete control of your destiny. You’ll realize that when you put all of your energy into something you truly love, the opportunities are endless.

:green_heart: While meditating with this stone, one may feel a strong connection to a higher dimension. Interestingly, people often experience contact with spiritual beings or their guardian angels when working with Prehnite. In deep meditation or a powerful REM sleep, our heart is looking to grow, prosper and heal.

:green_heart: It’s commonly found intergrown with Epidote. Both of these stones offer up a high vibrational energy that channels directly to one’s heart space. Be aware that Epidote is a natural enhancer, good or bad, it’ll strengthen any emotions we may feel at the moment. Place this stone aside if you’re having a stressful day.

:green_heart:Other Properties:green_heart:
Intuition, meditation, relaxation, angelic communication, higher self, stress relief, inner peace, attunement with higher realms, communication with guides, unity of heart and will power, living in the present moment, channeling and grounding higher vibrations, connection with nature, interdimensional communication.

I have no Prehnite so if you’d like pics, I could Google some for you!! I lied, it’s from Pinterest.


Oooohhhh… my husband got me a prehnite necklace that is wire wrapped. It’s lovely! Thank you for the extra information on it!