Printing out transcripts

Is there any way to print out transcripts from the lesson videos on here? I love the descriptions of the tarot cards in the tarot lessons, simple and easy to understand for the beginner. I would love to print them out to refer back to them as I practice. I do have books to refer to but the information in these videos seems easier to understand for someone starting out. I am old school and like to have things on paper to read. I am not computer savvy. If not I can copy it all by hand, definitely old school! :smirk: :grinning: Thank you for all the information on here.


Hi Linda :wave: Thanks for your kind comments!

That’s a good idea. At the time, none of the text is available on plain text format but here’s something that might help:

  1. Visit the lesson you want to print out, for example: The Empress Lesson.

  2. Expand the text under "Transcription of the video v "

  3. Use your mouse to select the text from start to end.

  4. Right-click your selection :computer_mouse: and select “Print…”

You’ll have an instant printable page which you can save as a PDF or print directly from your browser. Let me know if that works for you! Here’s a more :printer: detailed printing guide in case you are using a different browser than mine.


Great Question thanks Linda


The only way I know to do it is to highlight it, and I can’t get it to highlight all the way down, only a few lines. I don’t know how else to select an area that has to be scrolled down to the bottom.


If you’re in a computer, try this:

  1. Select only the first word of the text with your mouse.

  2. Press and hold the Shift key.

  3. Use the arrows in your keyboard arrows to expand or contract your selection.

How it works:

Shift and 🠔 (left arrow) will deselect the word you’ve selected, letter by letter.

Shift and ➞ (right arrow) will add one letter to your selection.

Shift and 🠗 (down arrow) will add one line to your selection.

I suggest that you use the combination Shift+down arrow to quickly select all the text in the lesson.

Another method:

  1. Find the text you want to print and zoom out. You can do that by holding the Ctrl key while you scroll down with the scroll wheel of your mouse.

  2. If you zoom far enough, the text will look very small. You can now select it all at once, even though it may be tricky.

  3. To zoom back in: Press and hold the Ctrl key while you scroll up with your mouse wheel. Another way you can reset the zoom level is by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and then pressing the number zero (above the letter O in your keypad).

I hope that helps!


OMG that worked!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! You just opened a whole new world of possibilities to me…again. :heart:


So glad it worked out for you I also have some printouts that I can share with everyone about the major and minor arcana. They give a simple quick interpretation of the cards.

major arcana cheat sheet 1 white.pdf (2.0 MB) major arcana cheat sheet 2 white.pdf (2.0 MB) pentacles quick guide white.pdf (2.1 MB) cups quick guide white.pdf (2.1 MB) swords quick guide white.pdf (2.2 MB) major arcana cheat sheet 3 white.pdf (2.2 MB) wands quick guide white.pdf (1.9 MB)


Those are neat and useful @Siofra ! Did you make those yourself?


I got them somewhere in my travels between Pinterest & Etsy. I have no idea which because it was so long ago when I got them. If I have to take them down I will. I understand the copyright thing, but I purchased them. I couldn’t tell you the name of the person or shop though.

A really good friend of mine found where they came from by looking at the properties of the pdf…

The Equipped Witch


No worries! I’m just glad you found the link :hugs:


Thank you, these are nifty! :+1: :smiley:


That’s what I’ve been doing~old school copying with pen onto paper. I’m really trying to learn how to read the cards intuitively


I would love to be able to do that too @AliceInWonderdab . I’m still looking up most of them and trying to see what the pictures tell me. It’s been slow going but we’ll get there! I do a 3 or 4 card spread on myself in the mornings. I also try to do the Divination Discussions put up by @MeganB, although, sometimes reading for someone else intimidates me. I’m getting better though. There’s the Daily Devotional major arcana card that you can do on the site to learn about a card each day, although the last 2 times that I have done it, I got Judgement. & on Fridays Megan also does Freebie Friday :star2: which is amazing. She does a great job.


I’ve been offering practice readings as well in order to strengthen my intuition


Oh nice! If you ever want to practice on me, I’ll take it :rofl: I need all the help I can get with what I have going on. :heart: