Probably not connected but when in doubt bring it to the coven

So I just finished up a truth spell because I have a suspicion that someone close to me is trying to weasel their way into using me for something. And due to outside influence (at least that’s the only logical explanation) I’m having trouble gaining clarity from meditation, my pendulum or my tarot cards and despite my best efforts I still feel like something is missing when I reexamine the situation. So anyhow I do the truth spell and all candles are burning beautiful and everything seems to be going smoothly and I felt entirely confident about it…
And then a huge black fly drops down on my altar… On its back… Legs up but still just barely moving.i never heard or saw any sign of it’s presence in my room until it dropped down just behind my pentacle and candles just close enough that the fly never got near the flames of the candles so my candles did not cause his death… Just curious if anyone would like to guess at why that might have happened or if they have any knowledge of what kind of omen that would be? I know it is probably a coincidence or of no real significance but for it to have dropped almost completely dead out of no where because I haven’t seen or heard the first fly in the house at all yet this year and definitely not one this big (I’m assuming a horse fly but I’m no expert but it was definitely not the average house fly). I’d have seen or heard this guy for sure.


When it comes to reading magickal symbolism, I’m in the same school of thought as you, @phoenix_dawn- that not everything automatically carries deeper symbolism. The best way to tell if something is worth reading or not lies in your intuition- and it sounds like this encounter really was something out of the ordinary (and I don’t blame you- that would have startled me too! :fly:)

Also, there’s the fact that this experience occurred while you were casting a spell and it landed on your altar aka your sacred space- it wasn’t something you happened upon during your normal day, it has a direct tie to magickal working.

These things paired with the fact that you have an ongoing strange situation and that your intuition is nudging you about it all lead me to believe that this is something worth looking into :mag:

So assuming there is a message you are meant to find, there are a few ways you could read the magickal symbolism here:

  1. First, by looking at the Fly :fly:

Various sources take difference stances on this one, so I’d recommend checking out a few and seeing if anything resonates with you. There’s Spirit Animals: Fly Symbolism, Native American Fly Symbolism, Spiritual Meanings of Flies, etc.

In general, although a few places offer a positive spin, flies are signs of things like disease, death, annoyance, plague, suffering, anger, and war.

But in my experience, traditional readings often take a backseat to personal readings- especially if this is a sign meant for you. What are your personal readings about flies, Phoenix? Is there someone you associate with flies, or whom reminds you of them? :thinking:

  1. Second, by examining the state of the fly :headstone:

This one is pretty straightforward- it was dead. That’s the most obvious sign of death you can get- but is it death as in the most basic sense, or is it more like Death the tarot card, a sign of change?

Again, as a sign meant for you- your interpretation of this will carry the most weight here.

  1. Third, trying to relate the dead fly to the spellwork :magic_wand:

The fly could be connected to the truth spell you were working or to the situation at large (that was causing you to cast the spell).

If I was casting a truth spell and a big fat fly dropped dead on my altar, I would take that to mean that my suspicions are confirmed- that someone is “plaguing me” so to say, buzzing about my business and spreading negativity.

These are just my thoughts and how I would break down the reading shared with the hope that they might help you- but as always, if this sign was meant for you, you are in the best position possible to piece out the meaning. Trust your intuition! :muscle: :blush:

Good luck, Phoenix- I hope you can figure out what is going on and clear the negativity soon! :pray::two_hearts:

Blessed be!


That’s weird stuff for sure! That happened to me once while using a pendulum and then it popped on the pendulum board. I looked at it as I needed change. That did resonate with my situation. Everyone is different.


This was my exact immediate thought!


Hmm, well, yeah, that IS a little weird! Flies are attracted to light. Flies are associated with death and it died. But flies die all the time. Unless the answer you were seeking has something to do with endings, I would look for something more clearly connected to your intention of truth-finding or a series of coincidences, or something personally meaningful when interpreting signs. Also when you see a sign, there is an intuitive realization that it is a sign. You know it in your gut that something signficant or special just happened. So, if you felt that, then it probably was a sign. But if you didn’t, it probably wasn’t – unless you start seeing a lot of flies dying after this.


My first immediate thought was that if it is a sign, you just killed the proverbial fly on the wall. Otherwise, as @TheTravelWitch_Bry mentioned, this could be your sign that someone is buzzing around your business and “plaguing you” with nonsense.


I agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry, @BrightBear, & @MeganB about the sign. I would say you’re on the right track & now have a decision to make on how you proceed going forward. :smile: