Prosperity Spell and Bottle

Starting the Spell Gathering all Items.

You will need: cleansed Jar, sea salt, sugar, sesame seeds, crushed bay leaf, dried garlic, onion skin, assorted coins, 3 green candles, prosperity sigil, twine and pentagram.

Cast your protection (however you are comfortable doing it) put on some good mellow music, light your candles, put a couple coins in jar, saying"This money is growing" Layer with all other items, put more coins in jar, “this money is growing”, layer again, do this over and over until jar is full, Charge the jar with positive money flow words of your choice. Screw the lid on tight, Put Prosperity sigil on top, circle lid with twine and put on pentagram (or any item of your choice) seal with glue or Modge Podge, it is done. Hide the jar in your home, or bury it outside and forget it,

Your income is going to increase and you will be financially stable,


Perfect timing!! More inspiration for a Beltane ritual! Grow, money, grow :seedling::evergreen_tree:

What is the sigil? I see algiz and another rune?

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Not sure on it, saw this spell on youtube

I think the runes on that sigil are:

Algiz: Divine blessing, protection, support.

Inguz: Balance, productivity.

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I appreciate your attention to detail!!! :star_struck::dizzy::fairy:‍♀:hugs:


Lol, Thanks! :laughing:

Personally I discovered that Magick is not just casting spells and waiting for results. It’s really about being aware and noticing the signs that appear.

After casting a spell, they will begin to manifest in small details all around me. It might sound crazy but I see signs everywhere that help me make decisions, big and small. I think that’s the difference between following superstitions and actually following your intuition.

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It all takes patience and seeing huh???

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