Pumpkin Magick & Correspondence

Pumpkins are a common decorative item to see around the Fall Equinox and Autumn Season. They come in many shapes and sizes, too, making them perfect for decorating your home or baking. Pumpkins can also be used in witchcraft! From Pumpkin Spice Lattes to pumpkin pies, I’m sure you can find a magickal use for the great gourd that is the pumpkin! (Also, I keep typing Pumpking, so there’s that, too!)

What the heck are pumpkins, anyway?

Pie filling, sweet drink ingredient, or scary Halloween decoration - the choice is yours! In the common world, the word “pumpkin” is considered a vernacular word used for a type of winter squash. The world of pumpkins contains many different varieties of winter squash. These include edible squash such as those used for making pumpkin pies, but also inedible (or not-so-tasty) squash such as those carved as Jack-O-Lanterns in the United States.

Pumpkins generally have a hard outer shell and are filled with stringy insides and large seeds. On an odd note, pumpkins are considered a fruit! Just like the banana, pumpkins are considered a type of berry known as a pepo - who would have thought?!

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The Story of Stingy Jack

In an 1836 edition of an Irish newspaper, The Dublin Penny Journal, the author tells the story as told by his uncle of Stingy Jack. Supposedly, Stingy Jack is the reason turnips (and later, pumpkins) are carved every Samhain season.

Jack was a stingy and clever man who tricked the devil many times during his life. Without recounting the entire tale as told in The Dublin Penny Journal (but you can read it here if you’d like), let’s just say that at the end of his life, hell didn’t want Jack and heaven refused to take him. Now, he is known as Jack of the Lantern.

Our story draws near its close - Jack, with all his skill, could not baffle the assault of Death. He paid the debt of nature; but when his soul was dismissed to its final residence, the porter at the gate of the infernal regions stoutly denied him admittance - the fiends turned pale with affright - and even Satan himself fled within the lowest depths to hide his head from the dreaded enemy. Then, because he was unfit for heaven, and that hell refused to take him, he was decreed to walk the earth with a lantern to light him on his nightly way till the day of judgment.

E. W. (1836). Jack o’ the Lantern. The Dublin Penny Journal, 4(185), 229–232.
Jack o' the Lantern on JSTOR

The story of Jack of the Lantern gives turnips and pumpkins an associate with death, liminality, and transformation. There are other correspondences from folklore and tradition, too!

Pumpkins in Magick

If you choose to use pumpkins in your spells, here are some correspondences to keep in mind. These are drawn from my own conclusions as well as various sources online and offline. They may or may not resonate with you, so follow your intuition if you choose to utilize pumpkins in your craft.

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  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • protection
  • warding
  • death
  • transformation
  • change
  • liminality
  • the Otherworld
  • neutrality

That’s the pumpkin!

Pumpkins are some of the most versatile gourds out there, used to create everything from sweet dishes down to savory soups. In witchcraft, the pumpkin is just as versatile! How you use it is up to you! Add a bit of pumpkin spice to your coffee or tea to draw in prosperity. Hollow out a pumpkin to use for protection magick, placing that which you want to be protected inside. You may even choose to use pumpkin seed oil as a base for an abundance spell oil! The options are endless - you only have to follow where the pumpkin takes you.


:joy: That reminds me of Dr Strange annoying Dormammu into defeat.


I love me some pumpkins! I wait for pumpkin spice season all year long. I am a pumpkin, eating fanatic. I’ve already made a pumpkin pie this year because why not? I have a pretty stellar pumpkin dip to eat with ginger snaps. (spoiler alert, it’s just Cool Whip, pumpkin pie spice and canned pumpkin and it’s amazing) I’ve eaten roasted pumpkin for dinner already. Pumpkins are plenty in my kitchen.

I have never used pumpkins and magic per say (except to say that I find eating and drinking them pretty magical in and of itself) so I’m gonna have to do a little thinking on this. I’m very excited about the prospect of a pumpkin spell. I can’t wait to see what everyone else says! Happy pumpkin season!


@starborn – Oh my Gods :joy: yeah, that’s a great visual! Satan’s just like “oohhhh no… not this dude again!” :imp:

@AileyGrey – I’ve got some pumpkin snickerdoodles to make sometime soon. I just need to find a recipe. I’ve never used pumpkin in magic either. I will one day, probably. I’ve just never had a reason, nor have I had extra pumpkin laying around to use up!


I just got the ingredients today to make the recipe recently posted here! I’m excited :sparkles:


Yes! If I can’t find a recipe that uses pumpkin pie spice or something like that, I’ll be getting the ingredients for the recipe posted by Amethyst. They just sound so freakin’ good!


I carve a Jack o’ Lantern every year and since I started practicing, I bless the seeds that I baked as a reminder that though the darker half of the year is here, the sun will be orange and bright again someday like a pumpkin. :jack_o_lantern:

Then there’s pumpkin spice creamer, which goes in my morning coffee during the fall, and pumpkin pie to Mabon. :fallen_leaf:


Living in Upstate, New York pumpkins are everywhere. The fall time is the most beautiful time and the farm markets are full of people, a lot of excitement and chatter. Many have pumpkins on their front steps or porch, I do and one of the people that live in this house wrote on it… a real witch lives here …of course you know who he was talking about LOL.


We went on our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch today! I brought home about 100 pounds of pumpkins. These suckers are HUGE!

Me to my husband who stayed home: Hey, there’s about 100 pounds of pumpkins in the trunk. Could you help unload them?

Husband: WHAT? Why on earth did you buy so many pumpkins??

Me: Well, it’s only 3 pumpkins… well, really six, but three are tiny little desk pumpkins. And you sent me to the pumpkin patch unsupervised. I can’t be held responsible.

Husband: That’s true. Sighs as he goes to unload the pumpkins.\

Y’all… this witch loves some pumpkins!


Oh my Gods :joy: that’s so many pumpkins! What are you going to do with them all? Decorate? Cook? Make sacrifices to the Gods? :rofl:


If @AileyGrey makes a castle out of pumpkins, I would love to move into one of the towers. :black_heart:


Oh my Gods :joy: that would be hilarious! Like this?

Image Source

Hopefully it wouldn’t be too smelly in the heat :rofl:


I can already imagine myself peering out one of those tiny windows. :grin: :black_heart:

:eyes: Uh oh…


My Dad has always made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas :christmas_tree: :yum: Now my older son and sometimes the younger go and make pies :pie: with him. It’s become a nice tradition. Even though my family are not witches :woman_mage: I believe this tradition is quite magical :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:


Unless it’s made somewhere that’s always cold or frozen. Then it might be alright!


@MeganB and @starborn, y\all are cracking me up! We do lots with our pumpkins! I use them to decorate for October and November. We always carve three for Halloween (one for each kid at home) and we bake the pumpkin seeds for snacks, save some punpkin seeds for the birds and critters that we put out on our outdoor solstice tree, and we use the pumpkin meat for pies and treats like pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter. So yummy! When our jack-o-lanterns are a little worse for the wear, we give them to some of our neighbors who have chickens. Chickens loove pumpkins! And since our neighbors are kind enough to bring over eggs now and then, we like to treat their birds nicely!

Funny enough, 100 pounds of pumpkin was only 3 big (I mean BIG) pumpkins and one small white pumpkin that my kids insisted I need (who was I to argue?? I love weird pumpkins!).

Maybe this year I will sacrifice some to the gods… any dieties super pleased with pumpkins??

Now… because you mentioned a pumpkin castle, I feel obligated to try to construct something! We will see how it goes!


I’m am literally drooling and I only just finished eating breakfast… :joy:

Woo! :partying_face: :black_heart:



Dang, that is a lot that you do with the pumpkins! :joy: I don’t have the time (nor the patience, at this point) to do any of that. I’m going to be scraping the bottom of the energy barrel when it’s time for the open house when our house is listed to bake some sweetening chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves those, right? :joy: I applaud you and your ability to make use of the entire pumpkin - even giving some to the chickens. That’s amazing! :chicken: I’m sure they appreciate it!

Okay… now I have got to see these pumpkins! :jack_o_lantern: They sound massive!

Hmm… :thinking: I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but if I come across something, I’ll try to remember to tell you!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :european_castle: I’m sure it’ll look great! :clap: