Puzzles anyone?

Hi all, so I have been busy trying to find ways to keep myself busy and what a better way to spend time than to do a puzzle or two. So that’s what I did made 2 puzzles and sealed the with Modge Podge (puzzle glue) and they now live on the back of my sacred room door. Both took about 2 hours each to complete:

Also received this beautiful witch colouring book and just love it:

Enjoying my colouring time with a nice cup of coffee:

Have ordered this puzzle hopefully it comes soon it is just stunning :heart_eyes::

Source: https://www.thenile.com.au/toys/escape-jigsaw-puzzle-the-witches-kitchen-759-piece/4005556199587


Gorgeous puzzles- I really like the one that is on it’s way, what a great picture! I hope it arrives soon and that you have fun with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enjoy your lovely treasures and puzzle time! :jigsaw: :sparkles::two_hearts:


I am so jealous, I would totally sit and make them with you! My dad loved puzzles and got us into some awesome jigsaw puzzles back in the 90s. I wanted to get back into them a few years ago but one of our cats enjoys laying claim to all table space and ends up destroying our work as we work on it lol.

I’d seen that coloring book, too! I’d thought of getting one for my daughter and I. Really cute images.


Oh my! I’ve never gotten into puzzles. But they’re just stunning! And I love your cup!


I’ve never been a fan of puzzles :sweat_smile: but those are some beautiful images! I love the coloring book, too. That’s one of my favorite things to do – it helps relax my overactive brain but also create pretty pictures!


Thank you! :blush: I just love doing them as it is a challenge and makes me get into this hypnotic persistence mood and i just can’t stop lol :laughing:


Yes thank goodness there is someone else out there who loves puzzles. We didn’t really do them as kids, but when i was more closer to my sister we used to do them together and i still have the fairy ones on the wall in my room. I would have loved it if you were close would have so invited you to do one with me and even got a replica so we both would have taken one home… Not to brag, but i very fast and have a good eye for puzzles too so at least i could have been of some use :blush:


Oh thanks i just got this cup… I couldn’t choose between this one and another where the cat had a wand in it’s mouth, but these tabby cats look to similar to the mama cat i have here and her babies so had to go with it :blush:


Yes i love to relax too, but i get into these “i has to be done” mood like when i study and kind of get all serious lol :blush:


How lucky! It’s a great cup, something to remember your cat by.


Those puzzles look awesome! I used to love 3D puzzles when I was a kid. I haven’t done one in a while. Seems like a good way to relax :grinning:


Great job on the puzzles! That was one thing my daughter always enjoyed doing too. All kinds of them! We had a couple set with glue that she had done & then I think she dismantled them so she could redo them :thinking:

I am such a fan of coloring. I had books upon books for coloring. I also did a big poster. We actually have the poster framed & hanging in our living room & another smaller one framed on an opposite wall with a canvas piece I did. It’s of a heart made up of different types of colored small butterflies that kind look like they are flying from the heart. Its hard to explain, but its pretty!

Both activities help me with focus & concentration when I have anxiety creeping up.

There’s an app called Art Puzzle, one of the reviews said it was too witchy… so I had to see what it was about… you put the different pieces where they go & once its finished the image animates & the lines disappear.

It may be a good way for aomething on the go!


Thanks that sounds awesome! :blush: I will have to check the app out… I also used to love doing the diamond dots and have one hanging in my bedroom of a blue butterfly and i made one for my mum for her birthday but i can tell you it gets messy. I will have to get another one. Shame one i started ended up gathering dust and then got destroyed…


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