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I have been researching deities and have pulled a tarot spread to identify a deity. I am getting that it is two gods, the Horned God and Triune Goddess. And I just wanted to ask my lovely coven what their impression was. I have to say I was a bit disappointed with having a god in the reading also. I feel like I have spent a lifetime learning about God. I guess I need to learn a different aspect of the God as well as learn about the Goddess.


Which deity spread is this :thinking: without knowing the spread I wouldn’t necessarily know how to interpret the cards in their positions.

I will say that having a God in the spread while it may be daunting, things to remember are that its not the God that you have learned about through another belief system. If its the God & Goddess, its almost like the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine working together & both are aspects & attributes within every human. One compliments the other in that way & within Wicca & other pagan beliefs. They both have a place with the sabbats & wheel of the year as well.

I understand the apprehension though, but the God in this respect most likely isn’t all encompassing & the only force leading the charge… if that makes sense. Especially if its the God & Triple Goddess that are showing up.


Hi. Sorry. It is the Deity tarot spread .on Spells8

1 Deity (Center card)
2-5 characteristics (card to left up and around to right)
6-7 sings symbols (bottom two cards)


Lol… okay… give me 1 second to look at it & I will be back! :blush:


Hi I’m back!

So the deity is the 2 of Cups :cup_tarot:

  • think of it as gaining a new perspective & partnership, I’m leaning toward a female deity where cups are associated with water & courage with the lion to guide you on your path, courageous

The attributes of the deity

  • Abundance, Protection, maybe a Warrior or Battle of some kind… passion, energy, grounding, stability


  • Water, reflection or introspection, both have rivers or streams, a full moon

I’d look at them more that way, honestly I’m going with a Goddess over a God with this one. I’d say trust your intuition on what the energy & feelings of the cards are for you.



I have to improve my relationship with my pendulum. I had used it as well to check in and it led me down that path.

I was thinking of 9s and 7s both being magic numbers. Odd numbers being catalysts. 9s healing, balance between idealism and realism, 7s change, introspection. Page, self reliant and studious. Pentacles resources, wands creativity (these summaries are quick and not in depth, don’t want to write a book here)

The symbols- cups, moon, flowing water

Because of the 5 & 8 of cups I was thinking emotional healing

I have been drawn to the triple goddess for a bit now.

This spread led me to the Morrigan. I didn’t want it to be her because I am afraid of offending her. I don’t want to get an image of her washing my armour!!

It makes sense in the warrior sense and in the shadow work sense. I have been working on shadow work. Some good stuff and I have been feeling like I need to push through this next bit needing strength (which was also the shadow trait that came up).

Interestingly, there have been some crows around lately, just 1 or 2. Normally they aren’t around our property much. Today I noticed a big bird in a tree and went to get the binoculars. It was a crow or possibly a raven. I will see if it is around a lot this weekend or if it is just random wildlife stuff going on.

Regardless of the crows, I am going to read up on her and do some meditations.


I think that’s a great idea, it could very well be the Triple Goddess. When I went to lay down I was thinking about the 2 of Cups & 2 being duality too. Then abundance, stability, growth, energy, protection, flowing water with the one card being a lighter scene & the other being darker all things that would correlate possibly with Persephone too. She is very much associated with cycles of Spring & retreating after the season has passed to the Underworld & things like protection, abundance, growth, stability, & emotional healing. She has that duality to her.

→ Persephone as a Triple Goddess - (Spells8 Lesson with some history & relationships regarding cycles of birth, death, rebirth)
→ Persephone Dual Deity (it may not hurt to check it out)

However, that’s not to negate your feelings because ultimately it’s what you see in the cards for symbols & attributes relating to the deity. If you’ve been drawn to The Triple Goddess already, then there is no harm in reaching out or going deeper in your learning about her. It may be her coming through in ways that you would recognize & not necessarily someone else. Things that would have meaning specific to you.


Thanks @Susurrus :hugs:.

If I am going to work with deities I am going to stick with gods and goddesses that are based out of Scotland and Ireland and Wales as that is my background and what I feel comfortable working with.

On the face of it the two of cups isn’t a three representing the number of the triple Goddess but on the whole, it makes sense to me to work with her for reasons mentioned.

I got muddled when I used my pendulum for clarification. I need to learn to sit and wait for inspiration and to not reject it when it comes in, then overthink. Then recognize that in those moments the pendulum isn’t going to add more clarity and it may just lead me astray.

So moral of the story, learn more about the pendulum before using it the way I have been. :wink:


Oh that makes sense, I don’t feel drawn to any other deities outside of the Irish Celtic pantheon. I enjoy their stories but I don’t feel drawn to work with them. Now that you said that, because I wasn’t sure where your beliefs & feelings on the deities lie necessarily, Brighid has a lot of the same attributes too.

One part of her symbolism is birds as well… particularly the Raven :raven: (crows are in the same family as Ravens), Falcon, & Swan. She also has an Otherworld & Sovereignty connection as well as transformation & a Celtic Triple Goddess aspect. She is known throughout Wales, Scotland, & Ireland.

She is a Goddess associated with the Land (Earth), Fire, & Water… (Pentacles, Wands, Cups).


It’s funny because I also felt like I didn’t want to work with Brighid which usually means that there is something there for me to learn and understand.

I am going to look into both the Morrigan for the shadow work and Brighid because of what you have listed in the post above- the pentacles, wands, cups-all in the reading (as you know).

The bird I saw could have been a raven rather than a crow due to size. I will watch and see if I can see it in flight- the tail feathers are different among other things but the tail feathers seem different enough for me to tell one from the other.


:heart::heart: On a side note @Susurrus I noticed that you edited my post. I think you have edited all of my posts. I now view you as my editor-in-chief :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. :hugs:.


Oh! Sorry, usually I edit them to add tags, but this one I edited for clarification of the spread itself. Sorry, I should have added the little note.

Brighid would be a sort of shadow work too with the anvil & the forge. They are both great deities though & I work with the Irish Celtic Goddesses Brighid as well as the Morrigan. I’m continually learning about the 2 of them & they have a lot of similarities & their own unique attributes too. You may want to look into Celtic Triple Goddess meanings, as they don’t refer to them as Maiden, Mother, Crone attributes as regularly seen with Triple Goddesses. It’s a different meaning of Triplicity. :hugs:

I actually recently finished a course on Brighid & enrolled in another on the Morrigan. My beliefs are heavily Irish Celtic Pagan based so learning more about them as I go along has been a wonderful experience for me :blush:


DO NOT apologize! There is no need! That is why I added all those emoji’s so you would know I appreciate that you are there to help add clarification- something I sometimes lack-especially over the web. However, as my editor-in-chief I hope you don’t start to slack off :joy::joy: just kidding!!! No pressure :wink:

Yes, I have been reading about triplicity and the triple goddess differences recently. I have to be more mindful of how I type things …please refer to my clarification issues mentioned in the first paragraph…:grin:

I have also been drawn lately to draw the triquetra :triquetra: with the circle- it probably has a name but I can’t think of it at the moment and also trees.

These are drawings of items I found on the web. I am going to modify the symbols and words for me as so moved. Forgive my rudimentary drawings, but I love to draw like I love to sing, also something I currently feel the need to apologize for if someone is within hearing distance :joy::joy:


Oh don’t apologize for “rudimentary” drawings :laughing: Drawing definitely isn’t one of my strong suits :rofl: If you ask me that is a pretty darn good drawing of it! I think changing the words for your own is a wonderful idea! I like the Triquetra with & without the circle :hugs:

Random information about the Triquetra culturally & within belief systems (I got curious one day about the Triskele :triskele: & the Triquetra :triquetra:):

The Triquetra with the circle is a Trinity Circle. The Triquetra by itself is a Trinity Knot. (It has been used in a "Christian’ context to represent the trinity & its use with the circle is to emphasize the unity of the three parts of the trinity)

Now within British & Irish Celtic areas, it is commonly used to represent their concept of land, sea, & sky. That is over the last 200 years or so, but prior to its Christian context, there’s no evidence that it was Celtic knotwork or that it was used at all in a pagan sense before it showed up in the Christian texts & symbols.

Neo-Pagan attributes have been assigned to it ie: The Triple Goddess with Maiden, Mother, Crone; Past, Present, Future; & Body, Mind, Soul & there are others… Its representation of protection is based on a mistaken belief that is what the Celts had used it for as well prior to Christianity. The popularity & romanticization over the last 200 years but with no historical pagan or pre-Christian evidence of its use within the Celtic culture is where that label or idea originally started.

I like the Triquetra & have representations of it in my practice. So change the words or associations for you! Which is fine! Whatever feels good to you as you use it, change the words & be comfortable with it in Your practice! :revolving_hearts:

I do love to sing also, we used to refer to it as singing loudly & badly (especially in the car)… because well, same. :joy:

I’ll try not to slack off as your editor-in-chief :laughing: I don’t mind, I usually only add tags or correct tags within a post for the right member if they are misspelled & clarify titles. :blush:


Thanks for the random information-love it!


You’re the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome lol… I go off into random rabbit holes all the time & when my phone searches it, honestly it does what it wants. :laughing: I got curious about that the same day I was searching scrying so I wound up with all kinds of random information I didn’t even know I was looking for :rofl:


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