Rain & storm water

I have been doing a lot of reading on rain water specifically the connections to the moons. I was interested in ways you awesome creatures use rain :cloud_with_rain:/ storm water.

I have a fascination/ obsession with herbs and waters.


I have used rain water for cleansing, healing, & rejuvenation in spells. :blush:

I generally only use storm water as an offering to my deity. Storm water :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: has been associated with strength & power due to the extra energy contained within it from the storm. It would be good for strengthening spells, protection, & kind of super charge of your intention for anything you cleanse or consecrate with it.

I’ll see if I can find some more information on them for you. I believe we have a spell using rain water on the site. I’ll see what I can find :smiling_face:

Sending Pain Healing to Someone

Others may have used them for other things too & will let you know when they are available :hugs:


Hi @Jessica_Zee - I had written something up about this in one of my Book of Shadows, so I wrote it out for you here, :hugs:

Rain water uses:

Rain water is the connective force / element between the elements of air and earth and depending on the astrological time you collect it and the circumstances by which type is falling (storm, lightening, day/night, sun shower, mist, spring fall) - each type of rainwater you will want to use based on the correspondences of the circumstances of the rainfall.

Rain/storm water uses:

  • Bowl on your altar for water element;
  • Dress your candles;
  • Add it to bath water with other oils or herbal remedies;
  • Use it to make potions, teas/brews, lotions, salves, herbal remedies;
  • Clean tools/altar/house with it;
  • Use in spellwork that call for water;
  • Charge crystals so that you can receive and transmit healing energy (make sure you only do this with crystals that can be immersed in water!!);
  • Use in basin of water for anointments, christenings, blessings and healing rituals’
  • Since there is less likelihood of rain during a waxing moon due to its greater pull on the earth, it is said that rainwater expresses the power of the waning moon. Therefore use it for spells, cleansing, altar work to purge the negative experiences and release the experiences and people who do not serve you;
  • Some who live out in the countryside like myself who can collect rainwater safely, uncontaminated, and ensure it’s purity and safety, use it to bake or cook with for kitchen witchery and spells - basic principle is that if you don’t know that the water is for sure safe to ingest, do not use it for this purpose;
  • Use in protection amulets with other herbs/essential oils;
  • Rainwater will enhance your psychic ability, so during any psychic work, keep a bottle of rainwater in a sprayer and spray your area to enhance your abilities if needed.

A word on offering to deities and fairies - I do not personally gift rain water to them unless they have asked for it specifically, even green/earth deities — this is just because I think they are the ones who manifest it and gift it to us, so therefore it’s like giving their gift back to them — but this is my own practice, others love doing this and this aligns with their own practice and works for them!


I was reading about the storm waters as well as storms with strong lightening it was super interesting :thinking: made me want to know more lol inquisitive me! :rofl:


I had originally made some for spellwork then learned it was an appropriate offering for 1 of my deities :hugs:

I wouldn’t leave Storm Water for the other, but I do leave out a dish of water for Her that I freshen each day.

I’m not Wiccan & follow a different paganism path than others do. It made sense that Storm Water would be an offering or something to use when working with Her based on my beliefs & what I’ve learned.

This is part of my practice & others may not feel the same way. So it’s really up to you & what makes sense & feels right for your practice. There’s no right or wrong per se.

I’m constantly learning new things :star_struck: because I’m the same way. I’ve done a few deep dives into things to see if they were something I’d continue to keep as part of my practice.

A couple weren’t things I continued after learning & practicing them for a while; but at some point they helped me along my way & were valuable lessons for me. :hugs:

It took a while but I’ve found my niche & I’m currently in the middle of restructuring & releasing things concerned with my practice. It’s an ever evolving thing :rofl:


I don’t think I’ve ever used rain or storm water, though I’ve collected some before. Right now, I just use it to water my garden :joy: I made a rain barrel that collects the water so I can use it later rather than the water from my hose.

I have also used rainwater in terms of dancing in the rain or using rain and storms as a cleansing ritual. :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: I don’t like collecting it, though. I always forget about it before it goes rancid :grimacing:


Oh! I’ve done that before! :star_struck: I like to stand, walk, play (I guess it would be considered playing :joy:) in the rain :cloud_with_rain: It just feels so cleansing & at times healing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t collect rain water anymore. At one time… during my All the things! phase I had quite a few waters :rofl: Now I just freshen the my other deities water & my ancestor altar water each day or every other day. If I want to use rain water, I’ll collect what I need when it rains to be used pretty quickly afterward. Otherwise, if it’s not available to me for whatever reason, I will use an appropriate substitute.

I do collect Storm Water… but not enough where it wouldn’t be used for a long period of time. I always have another something available if I don’t have Storm Water for this deity. Fresh is always better :smiling_face:

Although :thinking: this past week would have been a good time to grab some if I had been thinking about it. :laughing:

Goodness knows when the last time I made any Moon Water was :exploding_head: Or Ocean/Sea :ocean: water… that’s another 1 I haven’t had in a while. Wow… slacking over here :rofl:

I do place a Clear Quartz in my bottles of water for an extra charge or Oomph to them when I do collect them.

Gotta get back to my overhaul & what’s a thing & what’s not in my practice :joy:


I’m guessing it may be the :cancer: in me that has the obsession with the :droplet: water lol.


Ooo another Water :water_element: sign! I am a Water :water_element: Scorpio :scorpius: Sun :sun: & have a lot of Water in my chart too. I remember when I moved away from home to KY & then to TX… I was landlocked in each place & I moved home. One of the first things I did was go to the water. I hated that feeling, I have to live near bodies of water or I just don’t feel right overall. I’m all the water :laughing: Which is why I have to work on integrating the other elements a bit more than would seem necessary or I tend to hang out in my feels a bit too much. :rofl:


When my parents passed away last year it rained. It stormed. I mean it was intense. I remember I couldn’t concentrate on the people that weekend that filled my home to show there support. I couldn’t even hear them. I literally just walked out into the storm and danced. My kids ended up joining in. Most people were like “:eyes: she’s finally lost it” (with side way glances) but in that moment the storm water felt like it was healing my heart. I loved it. It’s part of what lead me to water with a healing mind set. I don’t wanna just have 500 containers of different waters laying around :joy::rofl: but I’ll not sure what to do or what is really “needed”. I def feel like water somewhat charges me. I use to swim a lot as a kid I use to tell everyone I was a mermaid. I literally still feel like I’m a mermaid lol like I need water to feel like myself. I do feel a little loss about where I fit in with the actual religious practices. I’m still learning about those things and seeing where I feel at home.


Oh my… I was quite the fish :tropical_fish: when I was younger & you just can’t get me out of the water :ocean: once I’m in there. I have medical things & I remember just being like… there has to be something that relieves this pain for me. I started going swimming :swimming_woman: at least for an hour each day in the summer. It was amazing & I felt so good for at least 24 hours later. So I made it a habit each day of the summer that I could & my daughter would come with me. She’s a Pisces :pisces: sun & also a little mermaid :mermaid: I will go out on the boat :motor_boat: & just hop off the back when we get to where we are going & float around :laughing:

I’m so sorry for your loss :people_hugging: I can see how that would be comforting though, it would feel the same way to me. I have done similar things when it rains :cloud_with_rain: & gone to my back porch or walked to my backyard. I would go to the beach during storms to watch the water. I can say that water is very healing & has the same type of effects for me. I find it very calming too.

As far as the practices… you’ll find the things that spark your flame :fire: Still being a bit new, I would say if you haven’t gone completely through the courses, those are a great place to start :hugs: Remember, you don’t need to have or even buy everything that you will see or hear about being used by others. A lot of times, you already have something in your home or area that you can use & designate for your practice. If you have to substitute something that’s perfectly fine. I do it all the time. Like ALL the time :laughing: (IE: Candles :candle:… birthday candles, tealights, votives, tapers, pillars, jar can all be used & used as substitutes including battery operated candles, an image/video of a candle. A white candle can be used in place of any color candle if you don’t have a specific color available too)

If you come across something that interests you, whatever it may be, learn about it, research it, and/or try it out. See if it’s something that works for you & how you feel & believe. We have the Weekly Challenges & those are great ways to try things & see if they work for you :star_struck: Search the forum there is something on just about every topic & within the replies are probably some good information for you too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We have so many witches :mage: from all over the world :earth_americas: Each one has their own practice I feel pretty confident saying no 2 are the same :blush: So if you have any questions or want to share anything feel free to ask away or share! I’m continually learning things. I’m so curious about things when they interest me. Don’t try to rush it or take on too much or you may hit a wall or burn out. (been there done that too) Whatever your pace is, that’s what is right for you. None of us know everything & it’s constant learning & evolving process. I’m in an overhaul type of way right now! Going through my room & things… releasing what I don’t use or need, organizing what is something I use or is beneficial. Reorganizing things here. But adding things back in literally… 1 thing at a time. So no worries on finding your footing & what is something that will click. It will come as it is meant for you :hugs:


It definitely could be the Pisces in you! I’m a Scorpio Sun here, and my chart has all kinds of water energy in it – I also have a pretty big obsession with water :joy: besides the ocean, my pool is my favorite place to be!


Dancing in the rain… is there anything more cleansing than that??


I can’t think of anything, to be honest :joy: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :blush:


Ur awesome ty

  • all of u are :cloud_with_rain::droplet::heart:

You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you!

We have a lot of Water fans around here :laughing: Even my family… me & 2 of my children are water signs. So I have all 3 water signs here. They are all our sun signs too :rofl: Nevermind my chart being like @MeganB with water everywhere! :eyes:

You’ll get there! Start slow & use what you have around you or in your home & don’t forget about your own spice cabinet for herbs :wink:


You’re just as awesome!


EVERY time it rains my daughter and I put our bucket outside to collect. Especially when there is a good thunderstorm!! We use the storm water to enhance spells and the rain water, along with other herbs and nutrients, goes into our “spellwork” herb garden. We also call the corners and thank the sky and do a dance to call the 5 elements.
I’m pretty sure I passed on my love of rain to her! Lol


That’s such a cool little ritual the two of you have! You just inspired me to do something magickal with my rain barrel – I think it needs a sigil! :laughing:


Me and my daughter collected some rain water a few months ago. I have mine in a jar hidden under my altar so it does not dry out and hiding it from my daughter, lol. She used hers all up spraying the plants we have, we had put it in a spary bottle. So far I have not used mine for anyting as of yet.