Reading people since birth

Okay so heres the thing. Ever since i was a little girl ive had this natural ability to read people not there thoughts or anything but my family have always called it me reading body language or some normal stuff like that. But thats not what I actually do i have no clue how to read body language. Its something else. So back to what i was saying its just this feeling i get. Like around toxic people i get this dark feeling and if im around that person too long I actually start to feel sick. Its kinda like i can almost sense a persons intentions. And whenever someone i care about is emotionally hurt even if im not even around them i can feel it. Same goes with dangerous people i get this sickly feeling even being in the same room im not sure what it is. But its served me well in the past and I actually depend on it more then any of my other senses. Any advice on what it could be would really help.


Have you looked into anything regarding being highly sensitive or being an Empath?

Are you an empath? :sparkles:

Also, Luna& Sol have some wonderful resources for empaths, highly sensitive people, types, ways to embrace it & peotect your own energy.


I read that little thing on empaths and i fit into all the sections. Problem is i have absolutely no protection when i go out for even an hour im completely physically and emotionally drained and pass right out as soon as i get home


Greetings @Nikita-mikaelson!

I agree with Siofra- it sounds like you should definitely look into Empath information and resources. If that sounds like you, I’d recommend doing some Empath Shielding work as a form of protection :shield:

Another thing that came to mind while reading your post was that you may be reading people’s auras. There’s more information about aura reading in this past Reading Auras Challenge- I recommend reading the entries at the bottom for experiences from others who read auras! :rainbow:

Good luck and blessed be, Nikita! :sparkles:


@Nikita-mikaelson You certainly are a sensitive.
In my opinion, there are 3 types of people, the dark & negative, the good who seem to glow, the 3rd and most dangerous, are the ones who ride the fence and can jump off either way. Not all people are sensitive to these 3 types. At the same time, it has to be an uncomfortable talent to live with.
I also agree with @Siofra_Strega, look into ‘empath’.


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