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Hi everyone I’m not sure if anyone remembers me but I have 2 subjects I need help . The 1st is myself. I joined spells 8 awhile back, if you read my intro you would understand what I’m asking. Anyway I am trying real hard to get back on my magical path but I just can’t lift this funk keeping me down. I can’t stay focused on anything anymore . My girls are depending on me to help them with their journey in becoming a witch. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to get me back on my magical feet. Issue # 2 I have a friend who comes from a split beliefs 1 half very religious (believe our beliefs are evil) and the other half goes back 5 generations of witches,He family doesn’t speak to her. An aunt with occasionally contact her to warn her but of that she blocks her. Yesterday she told her she needs to figure out what kind of witch she is. She needs to learn and get on her proper path?
This is the first she ever heard she was a witch, She is confused,alone scared and lost. What is the best way for me to help her? I sent her link to Spells 8. I told her this site is so helpful with teaching ,giving info and especially support each other. Well thank you in advance
Blessed Be


Hello @hope333,

Maybe look at what is preventing you from being on the path of witchcraft as you see it. For example some days I am too busy with work and kids and 5 days has gone by since I had done anything. That is when I bring in a small ritual the I can do daily like pull a tarot card or stir my cup of tea with intention. Here is a video with simple rituals

@SilverBear has an excellent you tube channel. The eclectic green witchery

Going through the Spells8 courses is a great place to start as well.

Journaling what witchcraft means to you and then research & practice those things.

Journaling, meditation, energy work are all great places to start. @MeganB has a back to basics video that I found helpful.

For your friend, that must be so hard. Firstly I would say she has to decide if she is a witch.
That was a great suggestion to give her the spells8 link. It’s a great place to start.


First of all, it sounds like you’re so worried about things, you’ve blocked your own path. So I would do this spell to help clear the way!

It’s easy to do and should make the next steps smoother. Then you can go on to what the lovely and talented @Phoenix_Rose suggested because that was some good advice.

Also if you are able to spend time in nature, do so. That’ll help you connect too.

As to your friend, you’ve sent her the Spells8 link. Other than that and talking to her, that’s the best you can do. She has to walk the path of her own choosing. You can help, and walk with her if she asks but you can’t force her to follow you.

Good luck!


Hey Hope! :wave:

It’s good to see you back here again :blush: I can relate to not being able to focus on anything. That happens to me quite a lot and, to be honest, most of it stems from my mental health as well as my busy life. Sometimes things just don’t work the way I want to and if I’m not taking care of myself properly then it’s really hard to get to the things I want to do.

I agree with pretty much everything that everyone else has said. A road opener would be helpful to clear any obstacles in your way, or at least be made aware of them so you can figure it out. I also have a video on my channel that I think might be helpful for figuring out a consistent practice for yourself, plus a podcast episode I just did on self-care. I’ll link those for you here.

Episode 128: Self-Care and Witchcraft: What it is and ideas for your routine! by 'Round the Cauldron

I think you might just be dealing with a bit of burnout or information overload. Take it easy, do one thing at a time, and let it all flow naturally. I would do the same thing with your littles. See what they’re interested in and start there. Don’t do too much at once or they will become overwhelmed. And definitely don’t push them if they lose interest. That’s normal for kids :sweat_smile: Mine does it all the time!

Honestly, my opinion may differ her from everyone else. She’s a witch if she wants to be. She doesn’t have to learn to practice witchcraft, especially if it doesn’t align with her beliefs. No amount of family practice or generational tradition can make someone a witch, in my opinion. I think it is going to take her a lot of time to figure out what she wants to do, and most of that is going to be spent in introspection and reflection on her current beliefs. A journal and some guided meditations would most likely benefit her most.


Warm greetings @hope333,

I can see you’ve already got some great advice and ideas from others- just jumping in to offer my support and cheer you on too! :heart:

From what you’ve said, it really sounds like you have a lot on your plate- you are getting pushed and pulled in many directions. While it great to have loved ones who trust and look up to you, it is easy to feel burnout from expectations. I agree that it’s a great idea to give them witchy materials and resources- this way you are helping them help themselves :+1: :books:

Thank you, Hope! I am so happy that you feel that way about the site. There certainly are a lot of great resources to be found, and the forum is a wonderful place for sharing questions and swapping info and advice!

I hope she follows your recommendation- please let her know that she is very welcome here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and many blessings to you :sparkles:


Thank you so much everyone. All the information and advice has been wonderful. I’ve been looking into everyone’s suggestions and see what I’m called to. Thank you for always making me feel welcome
Blessed Be


You’re welcome, Hope! Good luck and I hope you find plenty of methods that help :pray::blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


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