Simple Daily Rituals are Still Valid! 🕯

Good morning, wonderful witches!

This is a gentle reminder that everyday rituals, even as simple as burning a specific candle while you work, can be just as powerful as the most elaborately crafted spells and rituals.

So light the candle, state your intentions, and live a magical life on your own terms in your own time, whenever you can.

I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day, my friends!


So true, thank you for the reminder Megan~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That little ritual of ringing the sound bowl over my solar plexus first thing in the morning and last thing before snuggling in already does wonders for me :blush: :sparkles: :yellow_heart: Last night I spontaneously added another small ritual of dipping my left index finger in the chalice that I keep filled with fresh water, and anointing my third eye :purple_heart:


I remember you talking about your ritual with the sound bowl! I’m glad to hear that the ritual is going well for you and that you’re adding to it! :heart:


I love this SO much! I’ve been trying to incorporate small magickal moments in my days more because I feel like that’s all I have time for some days. I’d love to do more elaborate spells and rituals more often, but I just feel like time gets away from me so often that I can’t. So this was such a great reminder for me.

Thank you, Megan! Wishing you a wonderful day also :slight_smile:


Love this sooooo much! Thank you for creating and sharing it :heart: :candle:


I have my little ritual, but the last couple of weeks I’ve scattered. I’m getting back to finding my footing in the morning & not being so everywhere during the day.

I tend to lose track of time & then im taking shortcuts & rushing & it just doesn’t work. :laughing:


I’m glad I could remind you! I needed the reminder myself, if I’m being honest :laughing:

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you like it!

I do the same thing and then my day gets away from me and I didn’t get anything done :laughing: so these little reminders for small daily things are just as helpful for me as anyone else!


This is such an important lesson to learn… and one that took me a little while to wrap my head around! My small, everyday rituals are the backbone of my craft and they shape my day!

I start off with a shower spell most mornings and wash my hair with rosemary and mint shampoo. I think about having a clear, calm head and a day wrapped in protection.

I do a coffee spell each morning and thank each of the elements for starting my day off with a tasty treat… and the mental strength to deal with all the things.

I have some amazing ocean mineral lotion that I use throughout the day that ties me to the sea and reminds me to go with the flow.

I use my diffuser each night as I unwind for bed… I usually pull a card for the next day…

I’m a busy witch, I don’t have time to do elaborate rituals every day (or week or month)… I save those for when I really need to focus.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s daily rituals!


It’s amazing how these little parts of our day sometimes get lost on us as magical because we’re so used to doing them. That’s what’s important to me – like you said, these small moments sometimes make up the backbone of our own craft! :clap:


This is a great reminder! I know that I feel off if I don’t do my morning prayer and ritual.


I feel that way too when I don’t meditate or pull my daily card :tarot_card:


Small, 3-4" singing bowls are available from Amazon for under $20.


:raised_hands: :heart:

This is such a lovely reminder, and one that I think I needed to hear today! I’ve gone in and out of having daily rituals over my years in the practice, but the things that have stuck, despite being small!) are really important to me. This was a great reminder that those little, treasured things are just as valid as the more formal spellwork.

Thank you, @MeganB- I really appreciate this! :pray::two_hearts:


I feel like a lot of us need those reminders that phases in your practice are normal and healthy, even healing sometimes! :heart: I’m glad my small little video could bring some peace to people that needed to hear that message, too :pray: :sparkles:


I do get to the part of at least drawing my daily tarot cards :tarot_card:, but not always at the same time as I used to do. I’m getting back there. I’m learning to use daily reminders, even if it’s some kind of notification from my phone :iphone: so I’m not so scattered.

I’ve had a couple of… interesting weeks. Most recently going a week without medication because it’s on backorder with an order date that shows as TBDTo Be Determined… we finally found it a week later at a pharmacy that is a little over half an hour away from my home. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I had called every pharmacy :medical_symbol: in my town & the next town over & no one had it in stock. Finally, my original pharmacy called & said that they found one. Hopefully, after about a day or 2, I should be feeling better & able to get back to what I usually do each day. :pray: I took it as soon as I picked it up today :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Until then, I have a mini schedule set up because things at home have changed with schedules & timing… so I’m now starting over my daily routines with a mini schedule & then working from there. :smiling_face:

I still light my energy cleansing/healing candle & my protection candle. I listen to my calm music & do a meditation each day. I do my personal card draws & record them or journal about them. I’m doing things as I can right now. I’m also back to working on the classes that I am taking for reading tarot. I hadn’t realized it, but it had been a month since I had done anything with those. I’m also able to have some time between my daughter going to bed & me going to bed where I can read my book. Everything else will work it’s way back in. Oh! I also still carry my crystal & charm pouch with crystals that I feel I need or have been drawn to work with depending on what is happening with me & my own energies. :hugs:


I need to make me one of these :laughing: I know you like yours and it’s come in handy a few times. I think this may be one of the next things I add to my daily routine. I need to find some big pillar candles though and I feel like I want a black one… :thinking:


My protection candle is a black one & now I get a black jar candle & add my own herbs & essential oils. I have that one on my main altar closer to my bedroom door

My energy cleansing/healing candle is a white jar candle & I put my own herbs ::herb: & essential oils on them. I have that one on my Ancestor altar that’s next to my bed.

I use unscented ones now because I add them myself. Buying them was getting a little pricey after the last time & I realized their prices went UP

I’m thinking in the future… I’ll save the jars & make my own with wax & the herbs :herb: & essential oils.

But… if I get any good promo codes or find out about some good sales on that site, I may purchase them then. :laughing:

Once everyone has left for the day & I’m doing my card draws & things, I light them :candle: & keep them lit until I leave the house :house_with_garden: or the room for a good portion of time or the evening.

I’ve just got to look into how to do this :rofl:

Ooo… maybe smaller pillar candles that can fit in the jar! I’ll have to look at the jars & candle sizes or if reusing the jars to make my own would be better :thinking:


Thank you for this! It’s simple and beautiful. I love your candle holder :heart_eyes:


A wonderful reminder! I like to light a candle daily as I work, sometimes add an incense or oil that will correspond to the day or an intention. I’ve also started taking time to at least greet my ancestors at their little altar.


@Susurrus – I’ve never found a large enough jar or pillar candle in black. It’s always scented and I don’t want scented ones :laughing: I’m sure my local metaphysical shop will have them but I just don’t make it over there often enough.

@christina4 – You’re welcome! And thank YOU! I love this little candle holder, too. I don’t remember where I got her, but she’s been with me for several years now :blush:

@robin77 – I think adding incense is my next step :blush: I’m glad you’re finding little rituals in your day, too!