Routine Suggestions

I’ve been starting to try to work on my daily, weekly, and even lunar routines to help me feel more grounded. I have ADHD so I love the idea of a routine to keep my focus but loathe actually following through with it for more than a few days because it gets boring. And I feel like I’m getting to where I want to with magickal stuff, but not the rest of it.

First, I used the lunar cycle guide and some other books to compile a list of what each phase represents, journaling prompts, and a few magickal things to remember for each phase.

Then I added in daily magickal things to try to help me narrow down my focus each day on what type of magick I do with this guide:

And after reading @MeganB’s post, I realized I use these guides so far to add in those simple daily magickal rituals since I don’t have a lot of time for elaborate things. But it also made me realize I could be doing this with more of my regular tasks.

So now, I have a lovely list of magickal things and the best timing as a guide … but I need to fit in the rest of it. Cleaning, work, homeschool, exercise etc. I’m hoping someone has advice on getting routine stuff done even when your brain is screaming at you not to do it and just scroll the internet instead :upside_down_face:

I’m considering batching days as I feel like that’s a lot of what the magickal things are with lunar cycles and specific days of the week for certain things. The constant change helps me focus and I never feel like it’s mundane, but it may be because it’s way more exciting than washing our bedding.

So I’m in need of some suggestions, especially from those that avoid routine like the plague, but need them to function like a responsible adult :laughing: Both magickal and regular routine suggestions appreciated!


I have been trying to be good about these routines, too - and as a work-from-home homeschooling momma, I’m in the same boat!

What I’ve been trying to do myself is time blocking. So far it’s been helpful in figuring out a schedule for things and it’s flexible enough that I can move things around if I have to. I use Google calendar to time block, and I keep the calendar widget on my phone so I can always see what I have going next. It helps if I put in notifications with the time block sections so if I get off track I will be notified of my next task.

It doesn’t always work, but I’m learning to have patience with myself (and my 9 year old who I’m at the whim of sometimes) to do what I can when I can.

As far as exercise, I try to do that first thing in the morning after my fiance leaves for work. It’s easier to do it then because before that, I’m helping get him ready for work and whatnot. One thing I’ve been really good about lately is waking up a bit before he does, making my coffee, and then meditating for about 10-15 minutes using a guided meditation or the sounds on Insight Timer. Then I’ll do my daily divination. By the time that’s all done, he’s getting up and ready for work.

After that it’s time for my exercise, shower, and getting my daughter up and ready for the day. Usually I can manage to do some work while she does some of her lessons. Some of her stuff is self-guided so she doesn’t really need me unless she needs help. We will sit together but work independently.

As far as housework goes, I try to make sure everything is done in the evening – no dishes in the sink, the kitchen is clean, etc. I’ll spend no more than 30 minutes cleaning up the house at the end of the day so I don’t have to do it first thing in the morning. You can also schedule in a 15 minute tidy session where you set a timer for 15 minutes and then clean up anything that needs cleaning. This is the sole focus for those 15 minutes and you’d be surprised what you can get done in 15 minutes when that’s your only focus lol

Adding in daily rituals or magical practice can be your next step. For that 15 minute session, light an incense and cleanse the space while you clean. Add in magical intention and spells while you cook, etc.

It takes practice and dedication, but one thing I try to do myself is not add too many things at once because then if I fail, my brain basically says screw it and then I don’t want to do anything at all :laughing:


Ooh, our brains must be friends because that’s me.

Also, it looks like you do a lot of your self-care (exercise, meditating, etc) in the AM - do you find you’re better able to handle the day that way? I want to do all of these on a regular basis, but I feel like when I do them all in the morning, the rest of the day starts late. But if I spread them out, I feel like I always find reasons not to do them. I get up at 5 already so maybe it’s just making better use of my time?

And thank you for all the tips! Time blocking is something I’ve done in the past (not very successfully) so it may something to revisit. I love the timed, quick cleaning sessions, too! But I feel like that is always my version of cleaning and that gets old after awhile so that’s why I need to add it into my routine more.

Thanks again, Megan! I really appreciate your ideas.


haha yes, we sound very similar! :laughing:

I do, actually! This was something I worked on with my therapist because I tend to get overwhelmed easily. Starting my day on the right foot with gratitude journaling, exercise, meditation, etc. helps keep me from getting overwhelmed. I do feel like my day sometimes starts late, but we’re late people anyway :woman_shrugging: I don’t tend to go to sleep until around 10pm, my daughter is a night owl so she’ll stay up the same.

Some days have to be different than others, and I have to remind myself too that my house doesn’t need to be spotless because it’s meant to be lived in, not looked at :sweat_smile: it’s hard sometimes because I just want it to be clean all the time, but if that’s what I want then I’ll be cleaning all the time.

Time blocking doesn’t always work for me, I’ll be honest, but setting it up the night before or the weekend before just so I have a sort of idea of what to expect. It helps me with my expectations, and that’s half the battle!


I really appreciate your POV on this. I’m a giver by nature (to my own detriment :grimacing:) so it feels unnatural for me to really focus on myself sometimes. But the end result is always the same: I get overwhelmed and then burnt out and do nothing and then try to focus on self-care to get back to “normal.” So being more proactive about this to try to avoid the whole burn out cycle seems way more appealing.

This is such a good reminder. Growing up, my mom always cleaned before my dad came home or before anyone set foot in our house, so that’s definitely something I need to unlearn.

Ooh my expectations and me are not friends. At all. Should probably work on unlearning some of those bad habits, too :upside_down_face:

I really appreciate your responses, Megan! I think we’re similar in a lot of ways and I feel like you always provide a lot of insight that I need in that moment :slight_smile: Thank you!


I am always so busy with teaching full time and four kids and a class and and and… cleaning and laundry and those tasks that I hate often get neglected.

I decided this year to try two things: 1 minute tasks get done immediately (putting something away, washing a dish, throwing something away, etc.) and I am trying to do 15 minutes a day of something productive… cleaning a room or part of a room, sweeping a floor, wiping down a sink, etc. I seem to be able to mentally handle 15 minutes (even 3 five minute tasks!). I haven’t been successful every day, but it is definitely helping!


Ooh, I like this one a lot! Mentally, this is super easy for my brain to handle. Instead of adding them to the never-ending to do list, just getting them done sounds so much more appealing!

Thank you for the tip!


It’s definitely helped me… even just mentally asking myself “is this a one minute task?” is helpful!


I am also a giver by nature and I have a really hard time doing things for myself or spending money on myself. I have to consciously remind myself that I can’t give anything to others if I have nothing left to give, so avoiding the burnout cycle is something I’m really trying to focus on this year. We had a discussion in my Discord server about self-care and what it means (and it’s actually the topic of my next podcast episode :laughing:) because people tend to think of the bubble baths, meditation, journaling, and time reading books. But true self-care is actually caring for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of yourself. It’s doing the hard things because you know it will benefit you, and that’s the thing that helps avoid the burnout cycle!

Sorry, I got away from myself there for a minute :sweat_smile:

My family does tend to clean before other people come over, but it isn’t anything too extreme. It’s more…keep the house “presentable” to people that don’t usually come over, I suppose? I don’t know, I think it’s weird because anyone that I’m inviting to my house would know that I live here and it isn’t an art gallery :rofl: but I digress… there’s a lot of us that live in this house and mine is just one opinion.

I’m glad I can help you! I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve got it all together - because I totally don’t :joy: - but I’m definitely trying!


I have a response because this is something I am currently working on myself… or at least getting back to my daily routine & fitting in my daily “house” things & such…

I have a husband, 3 children, 1 dog… all different schedules… appointments every now & again… so when I can getvon my laptop, I will share what has & is currently working for me right now.

I have ADHD & just went a week without my medication due to shortages & backorders… so it’s definitely like finding my footing again :hugs:


That’s how I am, but it was much more of a … everything looks like it could almost be in a magazine shoot type of clean growing up. And that’s not me. So it’s a weird one of trying to unlearn that habit while building a new one of being okay with the slight disarray that our house usually is!

And this is so true. It was until mid pandemic probably that I realized that my actual happiness didn’t come from “pampering” and more from the hard things. Tougher exercises or hikes, real soul searching and dealing with messy emotions, etc. A bath is nice and all, but it didn’t do anything for me long-term.

Can you link your podcast? I’d love to listen!

I look forward to reading your response @Susurrus! I’m so sorry you had to go without your medication. I hope you don’t have to deal with that again anytime soon!


That’s definitely not me either :laughing: My fiance prefers a clean and uncluttered house, and I also like an uncluttered house, but we’re working on that and unlearning the sort of junk that we’ve been taught.

Exactly! I’m still trying to figure out what my true self-care needs are. Some of them involve boundaries and others involve not being a people-pleaser :sweat_smile:

Of course! I’m actually the creator behind 'Round the Cauldron which has a podcast, YouTube channel, and website :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! ADHD is just a contributing factor to the big things that I work through each day that can really impact what I am actually able to get done.

Basically, I had a few very… chaotic weeks. Then the week with no medication… & I knew I was losing my daily routine but couldn’t get back to it & actually sort of wound up micromanaging myself. So instead of putting pick up the kitchen… it was each thing I did to pick up the kitchen or whatever room. I also started taking on too much. Whether it was things I want to do, to help people, regular things & throwing appointments in the mix. I was running out of time each day. I also had a few off days that were setbacks for me due to the situations or circumstances.

So now I have a mini schedule that is actually much more manageable. I’ll admit, I needed help to work it out.

It basically took the main things I want to do each day but makes them more manageable to look at & organize getting them done.

So like say your goals are actually laundry, the kitchen & living room & taking out the trash. Sort of plan self care in there some way too & things that you enjoy.

So my mini schedule would look something like… put in a load of laundry. Clean kitchen, living room, take out trash. Switch laundry to dryer. Take a shower, meditation, journaling.

The one I’m using now is actually written out on a piece of paper. There aren’t specific times to do them but there are average times for how long it would take to do them.

You can use reminders or alerts. I use the Finch Care app. So I actually redid the app without the micromanaged goals yesterday. Now it has like time frames for when I get things done or sends me alerts to remind me of my big goals for the day.

I know that before 7:45 AM I can do my card draws, light my candles, select crystals for the day, the forum a little bit… as I can get to them. If I don’t get to them all, there will be time after my house things to get them done.

So I’ll get an alert around 7:45 AM… put in laundry, then clean kitchen, living room, take out trash, then at (for sake of this discussion) 9 AM an alert to switch laundry to the dryer then take a shower & self care, checkbook, pick up bathroom, mail, meditation, journaling. They don’t have to be done in that order & its more of what I can get to depending on appointments or errands & average times it takes to do them.

The rest of the time I have I can add in things like… spend time outside, go for a walk, clean the yard… all as like 1 goal. Not that I have to do all 3, but more of a choose 1 to do type of thing.

Right now its actually a mini schedule without that many things written down. I do much better with baby steps. They are written in a way that while the dishwasher is running… you can get these things done or this thing. Or while the laundry is washing, you can get these things done or this thing. Then switch laundry to the dryer & you have time to do these things or this thing.

So start with the important things that you want or need to get done. Beside it write about how long that is going to take you. Then look at it & organize them so some things are getting done but its while this other thing is doing its thing.

Or set it up with your errands or times of appointments & look at them. Realistically look at it as what you can actually get done in that amount of time before you have to leave the house, without putting so much in or using times that are the if I do it quick times. You have to look at it realistically & leave enough time for you to do the things you enjoy, self care, craft related, a break… whatever it is.

I do lot of work with candles & crystals daily & before my daughter leaves the house. So usually I have to literally carve out a section of time for a ritual or spell, or think about, realistically to get the best benefit, how long will it actually take me & add buffer time so you know your full attention is on that thing you have to do or want to do. If I don’t carve the time… I’m always that person that is like… Oh I can do this & still get all this done. Or just one more thing… but it turns into 5 more things or worse… I freeze & get overwhelmed & have no idea where to start… which is where I was & now I’m figuring it out with baby steps.

I think I may have overexplained trying to make it easier to understand :laughing: So please, if you need me to clarify anything, just ask :hugs:


Thank you! I’m going to check them out this weekend :slight_smile:


Oh goodness. I feel like this spoke to me so much. I had a routine and then I fell out of it and just couldn’t find my way back to it.

Ooh I LOVE Finch. I think I just hit 300 days the other day? It’s one of my favorite apps to help with my self-care! It’s been so helpful for me. I need to go in there and redo my goals though because I feel like some days they make me feel overwhelmed instead of motivated.

I really like this idea. I do a lot of this mentally for certain activities for my daughter, but never with the chores.

Everything you said made perfect sense and it was super helpful. Gave me a lot to think about for making the most out of my time. Thank you so much for sharing! I really, really appreciate it :heart:


I just had a mystery gift today for so many levels of one of my journeys :thinking:

I have one goal in there that it stays until I’ve completed it the amount of times in a day that I’m supposed to do it.

I love :two_hearts: the Finch app too :rofl: I just had it like micromanaging things, so I had to redo them with the goals on broader terms.


Just a couple of thoughts.

Those magazine pictures look that way because no one actually lives there. Keeping your home that way is similar to trying to live up to impossible standards of beauty.

Cleaning can be a ritual. Light a candle (LED, if fire safety is a concern) and do it with intention. How many other things can you ritualize and “magi-fy?” Okay, now it’s a game! (But if it works…). Anything you do with intention can be witchcraft. I stir my coffee 13 times and say a quick prayer to Hekate (apologies to those who have heard this 8000 times).

On the mundane side, I try to make tasks a part of what I want to do. If im excited about going out Saturday, then doing laundry (ugh) becomes a step of preparation for Saturday. I can use that excitement to get things done.

Nothing works for everybody and some things take practice.


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