Recognized as a witch by another human

I recently stopped into a friends house. This friend has no knowledge that I’m a witch. My friend had another person visiting her when I arrived. Someone I’ve never met before. The new person looked at me very strangely, with a surprised look on her face and said "You’re a white Witch! All I can hear coming from you is a lot of static.
#1 That was perhaps one of the best and most validating things that has ever happened to me! I know I am a witch, but around these parts, it’s not socially acceptable to declare one’s self as such and my sanity is in question from time to time.
2# I wanted to talk to her more about it, what she felt from me and I was hoping to maybe have ONE person who gets it in my city! I’m so isolated, it hurts! So, she added me on FB but I feel she’s got a different vibe happening atm. And I’m not pursuing any further discussions yet.

Please someone who can tell me how she recognized me? Also, what is this static that she heard.


This is actually something that can develop in anyone. People of all faiths can spot another person of the same faith. Although each witch may practice differently, their mutual respect for life and nature should be enough for someone else to spot, even if they are not witches themselves. She may be in tune with that intuition.

Static may represent background chaos or anxiety. IDK why she would hear it but my guess is you have something in your life you are struggling with or trying to hold in and it wants released. Maybe others have a better idea.


That’s a great observation. And cheers :cocktail: Nicole for wearing your witch hat outside even if in disguise!

The connection to the natural like Benjamin said but also the connection to the supernatural, is probably the kind of vibes you are emanating.

It’s hard to find witches because many of them don’t know they are one. Sometimes small talk about astrology, tarot, or lucky amulets can spark an interesting friendship.


It’s always exciting to feel that spark of connection with a fellow witch, especially in places where outward witchiness is rarely seen!

As for how she knew you were a witch- that’s a great question, and Benjamin and Francisco gave some wonderful answers. Just a thought, but it could also be that she is able to read auras (here’s a post exploring people’s different color energies). Those with this ability can see the colors and auras of people around them.

Like Benjamin said, the static she mentioned could be from stress you are holding within you. It could also be some kind of internal energy blockage or mental wall you have to protect yourself from outside forces :shield:

As for continuing to talk with her, I think you are very wise to watch from a distance and trust your instinct. Witches are people and we all know that people vary immensely- there’s no rule that says you need to befriend every witch you meet! Trust yourself and do what you feel is best :blush:

Blessed be, Nicole! :heart:


She could have recognized you because shes an empath with clairvoyant abilities. I’m an empath and when I get something like a feeling, sensation or vibe, my ears ring. Sometimes I get static but it’s more ringing.

Well, I’m Christina and nice to meet you!!! :sweat_smile:
Hope you find the answers you’re seeking for!!


Thank you! It reminds me of how my father would be recognized as a mason by complete strangers from time to time. He said all masons could tell who each other were. I don’t how they do it, but it could be intuition there as well.
The static…you could be right on that, I have been going through the dark night of the soul experience and mental health has been a battle. I have not worked for over a year. I’m a high school English teacher. It’s a long and interesting story what happened to me in 2020/21. I’ll write about someday as soon as I’m back on me feet completely, standing as a brand new woman! I’m starting to feel the joy coming back in thank the universe… The dark is less. The anxiety is still shit bad. It still blows my freaking mind even though I’ve been woke for a year now that magic is real, witches are real, ghosts are real, the soul is real. We move on and death is really a new beginning and that I was given the gift of that knowledge. So thankful.


It makes me so happy though that it happened! I must have the supernatural vibe too, you’re right Francisco. I have some chakras open it seems and things happen around me. I’ve been studying Tarot the most and witchcraft. I’ve done only about 10 spells so far but one of them produced a major, life changing moment.


Aura’s and energy fields would be all a part of it too, and explains Benjamins point of other religions members recognizing each other. A communities belief system and vibe would be all over a person wouldn’t it.

I hope the static is something I’ve created to protect myself from outside forces. That be cool! I hope I tell me how to do it lol!


Nice to meet you too. I think I’m an empath too, or highly sensitive at least!


I agree with C4, She could be a telepath, clairvoyant and you could have naturally strong shielding.