Recommendations for pet death

If I ever thought I had a streak of bad luck I believe I just hit my low point. The puppy in my profile picture snuck out yesterday when my son was home. I was just leaving work when I got a phone call. My son was hysterical and a stranger got on the phone. Our dog got hit and was dead. My son witnessed it all. He is blaming himself, and rerunning the scene in his head. He Is told continuously that it’s not his fault but he is grieving and has a hard time with “if only I did this” scenario. Three strangers that I don’t even know stood next to my son hugging him and talking to me on the phone while I sped home from work. My friend got there first and I met them at the vets hospital. My son kept asking for them to use the “electric things for the chest and to bring him back”. It was heartbreaking. We are really hurt by this. He was my best friend. Only 9 months old. He never left my side and always was touching me. I don’t think I have a lever grieved as much as I have for anything. Bear took our hearts since the day we brought him home. Is there anything you all can think of to help with this.
I did do cremation service and ordered an urn, foot print and lock of hair. I am going to put a memorial alter up for him. I just am so hurt.


@NoName aw honey I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart breaks for you and your son.


@ I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost a member of the family in the same way and there are no words to describe the pain. I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you and your family.

May Bear rest forever in peace and know that he was truly loved by his family. :paw_prints:

This prayer is from the spells 8 website:

Mother Goddess, Father God,
I release myself from those who have left this plane
And let them walk the blessed gardens of Summerland.

As they enter a dream from which rebirth will arise,
I give thanks for the time spent together
And invoke their protective light to guide me.

I light a candle to bless this day,
With the splendor of fire, the freedom of the wind,
The stability of earth, and the depth of the sea.

Sun and Moon, grant us birth,
Give us life, death, and rest.
For we shall meet again
Once our souls leave this world.

Guide me through the night,
And through the sun-lit days.
Merry part and merry meet.
In soul and heart, Blessed be.


I am sorry for your and your son´s suffering at this sudden and shocking loss. It sounds like it was a very traumatic experience for you both. Bear sounds like such a sweet spirit.

I´m new here. I don´t know if I may give recommendations since I am self-taught. But if you´d like I gladly would.


Thank you. I’m open to suggestions. I know it’s just going to take time either way.


I’d imagine a release or grief spell would help with some journaling of how you are honestly feeling about any part of the situation. There are some on Spells8 & I shared this:

Grief Healing Sachet.pdf (222.8 KB)

It may help you & your son. It helps me, I “refresh” it about every 2 weeks either through reworking it or under the Full Moon :full_moon:

Also for the journaling, there are some great prompts on Spells8 to get you started including grief pages:


The sachet is beautiful. Thank you!


When I feel like bad luck is following me I use a protection circle and spell in the phase of moon appropriate for that particular approach/intention. I use fast-burning (white) consecrated candles for this and sit in the middle of the circle with focus/intention and do an incantation and stay there until the candles burn out.

When I have lost people or pets: I have spoken anything left unspoken to/through a candle. In this case, I´d personally use yellow.

When I have lost people or pets: With death, I plant life. It´s always been something that has helped me find closure. Full circle. Circle of life.

Water: Sometimes I ask water to take, carry, and transform my grief. Any flowing water works. I find a creek the best because I can put my hands in and let the water flow through my fingers. But in the event it is not available, I have used tap water, or the shower.

Just a disclaimer, I am self-taught so the things I do may not be traditional at all. But, I am sharing with the intention to help.

Blessed be.


I’m so sorry for your family, love. That’s an awful thing to happen. You’ve gotten some good magical advice so I’m going to give you some mundane. Talk to someone. Us, a friend in RL, just someone. Be there for your son. Time will make things better.


I’m so sorry that this all happened. And in front of your son. It’s good that you’ll make a Bear altar for him. Using his paw prints, hair and urn. Maybe a picture of him too. I’ll say the prayer from the site and light a white candle for healing. There’s a spell from Spells8 for animals crossing over.
I see that @jessica72 beat me to the prayer but it’s worth a try.:pensive:
If you need me, I’m always here!


I agree with Amethyst. As someone who has lost a good friend, I’d say cry and cry again. Let yourself grieve.