Rectification astrology

Hi all! Anyone have advice on how to find a rectification astrologer in the community?


Hi, @arousha! Welcome to the forum!

I’m not familiar with any, but @Cosmic_Curiosity has some great posts about astrology in general. Maybe they will know someone.


Hello @arousha Welcome. I’m Tracy from England. I’d like to add that @Susurrus is Astrology knowledgeable too.
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Do you mean rectification as in looking for a way to find an unknown birth time? It is not something i am familiar with as i believe it is linked more to vedic astrology, which is not something i know a lot about? I hope you find someone who can offer you support.

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Hi! Yes my mom thinks she remembers the day but is unsure , it’s between 2 days …. I tried dowsing however wanted a more accurate way to know for sure.



I’ve never heard of this, but I’m also sending my well-wishes that you find an answer that’s helpful! :pray: :sparkles:


This link has a calculator but i am not sure how accurate it is. You need to have a rough idea of your birth time but can put in a margin of error e.g. 12pm ± 3 hours

It might give at least a more focused time that you currently have



Hello :hugs: and Welcome Home :infinite_roots: @arousha

Rectification is a method of looking at the significant events in your life to deduce a birth time. It’s quite a lengthy and difficult process. Not many astrologers will do this. I know I don’t. We do have a member, @Abs53, who has posted a lot of great information on astrology… but I didn’t find any posts on rectification.

I am a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and I have taken some of their courses. Anyway, I wanted to see if they had a class on Rectification. Unfortunately, they don’t, however, they do have some books on rectifying a chart.

I also found a Birth Time Rectification Calculator on ASTROSEEK. This might help you. No method is 100% accurate, so I would recommend using a combination of different methods. I do have one question for you… does your mom remember which day of the week, or the weather? Some of those little details may help you pinpoint the date. Wishing you the best of luck hon!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Hi! Thanks for the information!
My mom thinks it was either the 11th of February or the 18th sometime around 2:00pm can that be used?


These will create two very different charts because the days are a week apart.

With regards to the time, if you think it is around 2pm then there’s a good chance you will be able to find your sun sign and moon sign on the generated chart because the sun stays in a sign for around a month and the moon stays in a sign for around 2-3 days. With regards to the rising sign, it changes every 1-2 hours.

If you think you were born around 2pm then i would get a chart for 2pm but also one for maybe 15 minites before 2 and 15 minutes after 2 and see if the rising sign remains the same. If it does then i would stick to the 2pm chart. It would also allow you to see if any planet change sign in that time ( i doubt they would though) It might not be completely accurate but it gives you something tonwork with.

Also remember that the place of birth, down to the city or town, is also important.

Hope this helps a little. Also happy to help with looking at the chart for similarities/differences.



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