Recurring dreams Please help

My friend sent me a message saying he needs my help…me messaged me saying… I keep having a reoccurring dream about them. And some one handing me to them telling me I know what to do with them if I don’t I need. To figure it. Out. And that he has had this dream for years. He doesn’t feel like it’s dark but i am lost. Please help? He is getting scared something is gonna happen…… he has no one else to go to besides me.


Dream interpretation is a tricky thing so you really gotta investigate every aspect to get an accurate reading on the situation like tarrot cards symboling can have more then one meaning


I guess a Shaw man he went to a couple years back told him he needed to learn more about temples and ruins… that it might help. Idk i asked him for more detail.


I would also suggest he meditate on the issue perhaps the gods may give him some guidance


Recurring dreams mean something. Many times it’s something that’s repressed deep inside and trying to come out. Ultimately, the solution is within the person having the dream.

The first step is trying to figure out the symbols and meanings of each thing in the recurring dream. A good place to start is by looking into a dream dictionary to see what clues the dream is giving you.


Feathers represent the element Air which is the element that provides energy directed towards communication and connection. After all feathers represent birds and angels, the entities that connect Earth and Sky.

Feathers can also represent things such as the mind, intellect, communication, relationships and the soul. They have been very present in art through cultures and history.

Here’s an extract from The Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in Art


Greetings @Ayekayybayy!

I noticed that you had posted the same question in your Dreams…feathers post, so I hope you don’t mind that I combined the two threads to keep everything together and easy to access :+1:

As for reading dreams, others may disagree, but I personally don’t think every dream has magickal significance (more about my stance on reading dreams here). That being said, I do believe that dreams that occur over and over again are a sign that something is trying to get your attention- it is likely that the dream will continue to repeat until the issue has been confronted and resolved.

That’s a very good sign for your friend. If the dream was warning about some impending doom or horrible thing, it is very likely that those emotions would come through in the dream. If your friend doesn’t feel bad or fearful during the dream, then I think it is unlikely it is foretelling doom or danger.

My best guess is that something (be it his deeper conscious, the Universe, a diety, etc) is trying to tell him something. Since the dream has been happening for years, it is likely something very important for his personal growth and life path.

I would recommend that your friend consults a method of divination, and preferably one that can give advice and guidance (such as tarot or tasseography). Methods that give primarily yes/no answers (such as pendulum readings) will probably not be as helpful here.

The mention of temples/ruins makes me think that another thing he could look into, if it is in line with his beliefs, is his past lives (more info about past lives here). What is happening now could be something that happened in a previous life that is influencing or affecting his current dreams.

Wishing all the best to you and your friend, Krysten! Blessed be :sparkles:


Dreams are very personal, and if it’s recurring it can be something worth getting a reading on, you or he can try to do it yourselves (there are tools here suggested to use) or I do recommend finding someone who is skilled and established to provide a reading, especially if it’s so heavy on the mind.

I did it for a dream and another issue awhile ago, went to a established psychic studio in my neighborhood, she said four words to me on it, it was done, closed out. Moving on. Reminds me, I need to go back to her, have a laundry list. There is so much one can do on their own.


Dreams can mean a multitude of things and both Francisco and theTravelWitch make great points. Please do not take offense to my next comment but I’m having some issues with this dream description. It could be you did not explain the full dream or were not told everything. from the getgo. For a recurring dream it’s extremely vague, I mean vaguer than one that has been constantly recurring for years. The interesting thing about recurring dreams is that you pick up new aspects every time the sequence played out. Psychology speaking recurring dreams most times are signs of some traumatic experience or repressed memories trying to resurface. They also can steam from the emotional baggage of the road not taken or assistance not given.

If someone came to me with this I would have to ask the following questions. I will use the description you gave to point out the key points.

"I keep having a reoccurring dream about them. ( Who is this them you speak of? A sibling, parent, lover, business partner, friend?)

And someone handing me to them ( do you mean as is physically like a child to an adult. or hand in hand?)) also is this turned around? did they mean this person was handed to them?)

telling me I know what to do with them (What is this person going through that you should or do know how to deal with?) if I don’t I need. To figure it out. Out. ( This this statement comes across oddly to the point it could mean a multitude of things and the interpretation here is solely up to the dreamer. The only hint that could be given is ( what is stopping you from helping or communicating with this person?)

Dreams are one of the most difficult things to interpret even more so second-hand because questions cannot be answered for clarification. Dreams are also not always magical a fact has been proven time and time again over the years. I would suggest to your friend to write down this dream in as much detail as he can every time he has it for a month or 2. making sure to do their best to be exact in remembering details. then have them read everything and write down the details that are new each time. then rewrite the whole thing with all the new details in place as they do so. as they read this new retelling it should give them a more clear view of said dream allowing them to better understand it themselves and to come up with the solution as to what is causing it.


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