Releasing a binding on other people

Hello Ali,
I need your help with a huge mess I created. I did a ice cube binding spell on several people but put the names in the same container. It horribly backfired and I’m living a nightmare. Please help I’m losing the love of my life and it’s negatively affecting all involved. I never meant to hurt anyone. I only wanted to prevent them from hurting themselves or others. How can I fix this?


You could do a cleansing and protective spell to shield yourself from negative energy.

You could melt the ice and burn the paper.

You could make amends…you do not have to come out of the broom closet, if you don’t want to.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you can forgive yourself and look at it as a learning experience and opportunity for personal growth, that may be the best outcome you can make happen yourself.


Hi there @carolyn7, the information @mary25 shared is good - and I would add that depending on what your intent was and then subsequently what happened, as long as your freezer spell was executed right with protections in place, it could be an actual coincidence what is happening now.

Undo a freezer spell (what I do):
Take their frozen names out of the freezer;
Place in an open area, not on your sacred altar;
Circle the frozen items/names by circling counterclockwise with black salt or regular if you don’t have it and put more salt on the ice for expeditious melting;
Restate your intention and that it be reversed with protections, freeing them from the spell as it lets;
If the spell caused them harm (or you believe it did) you can put crushed egg shells around the melting for even more protection for them.
You can leave it overnight outside to cleanse in the moon and then throw it away or bury it.



Warm greetings @carolyn7,

I’m sorry to hear about what is going on- it sounds like you cast without the intention to hurt anyone, so I’m inclined to think the same as Jan that there may be something else at play here. The situation that is happening may not be directly caused by your ice binding spell.

Before doing anything, I’d suggest you get some clarity and deeper insight into just what is going on. Do you have a favorite method of divination you can consult? I would ask your cards/pendulum/crystal balls/etc what is happening and seek guidance about the best ways you can remedy it.

If you do feel strongly like there is a connection between your spell and the current situation, I agree with Jan that you can try to undo the spell. If you still have the ice cubes, you could potentially “release them” into the sun- melting the cubes and melting the situation of the spellwork. Solar magick can additionally add warmth and encourage growth within a situation, which may assist with what is going on :sun_with_face: :seedling:

Another way of undoing a spell is by going back through the steps you took to cast it, undoing them one at a time. This discussion has some tips about undoing/inactivating magick you might consider.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope that situation is remedied soon and that everyone is safe! Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you all the best, Carolyn.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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