Remover of Obstacles - The Lord Ganesha

I know I have spoken about Lord Ganesha before. He is my “go to” guy! :elephant:

Take some time today and remove those obstacles in your way with a little help from Lord Ganesha.

Remember that an obstacle in your path is more than likely placed there as a lesson. It is a challenge placed there to aid you in your growth. It is how you approach said obstacle and react to it that will make all the difference in your journey! So once this obstacle has been removed, remember to take away the lesson that came with it. Learn from it. Grow
from it. :slight_smile:

Do you have a deity you are drawn to or work with?

What you will need:

  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Cauldron/fire-proof dish
  • Lighter/matches
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Figure or Image of Ganesha
  • At least 2 of the following herbs/roots, Cayenne, Chamomile, Cloves, Dragon’s Blood, Eucalyptus, High John the Conqueror, Lemongrass, Pepper, or Sage

Write down on your paper any wishes - be specific in what you are asking for.

Light your candles and begin with repeating this phrase

“Om Gum Ganapataye Namah” (salutations to the remover of obstacles)
Lord Gasnesha join us here
We wish to see the path is clear
We ask your help on this day
To find out how to clear the way

Get your two herbs place them in your cauldron, take your paper and fold it in half, place in your cauldron. Take your lighter, light the contents in the cauldron and repeat,

"To our honored guest, we bring
Wishes out hearts seek to give wing
Join with us to create success
All desires Good Fortune express"

Meditate, and imagine everything leaving you…all those obstacles are being released!

Make sure to thank Ganesha once you are done. :slight_smile:
He likes Hibiscus FYI!


Thanks for this recipe and mantra, Laurie!! :person_in_lotus_position: It looks very powerful, and the video was beautifully made!

I’d love to learn more about Ganesha! :elephant:

While I am always more drawn to European Witchcraft, I know that Gerald Gardner (founder of Wicca) lived in Malaysia where he picked up lots of Hindu ideas, which he then incorporated into his practice.


Thank you so much for sharing, @SilverBear! I didn’t know much about Lord Ganesha before, this is a lot of helpful information! My great-grandmother collected elephant trinkets, she thought they would bring good luck to the family :elephant::two_hearts: . The appreciation for elephants (and parts of her collection) passed to my nana, and also to my mother. Perhaps this is sign that I should also add an elephant symbol or diety to my practice! Thank you! :+1:

I didn’t know this- what a fun fact! I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in the capital KL, and I spent a day at the beautiful Batu Caves. I’m also not too familiar with Hindu deities, but I can absolutely see why Gerald Gardner was inspired to incorporate deities from this region into his practice.

Here is a small taste of Malaysia from the Batu Caves! (ignore how sweaty I look- it was terribly hot and humid there last March!)

The entry temple area, stairs, and inside the caves are all gorgeously decorated with statues, monuments, and colorful works of traditional art! Many of the depictions were of peacocks, and the entire area was full of wild monkeys :monkey: and roosters :rooster: .

I highly recommend a visit for anyone with an interest in religions, history, or breath-taking scenery! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


the pictures look amazing! I’d love to visit there…although, I’d probably be really excited to see the monkeys too! LOL :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


This is fab! Do you think I could do a version to Selene? She’s my girl :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:


Oh, the Batu Caves :heart_eyes: I went there some years ago in early September, so trust me when I say that I was dripping with sweat :joy: and somehow walking down the stairs was worse than up. I also remember that there was a sign telling people that it was a religious site, and not for jogging - I just thought, who is crazy enough to run up these stairs in this kind of weather?? :sunny:


Oh yes! Just find out what she likes and offer her those things! <3


Hahaha oh I can imagine! I’ve never experienced heat like I did in Malaysia- the high temperture is one thing- but all that humidity and the full sun is absolutely killer :hot_face: Even so, I bet you can agree that our suffering was totally worth it :laughing: :+1:

Ahhh I didn’t catch that sign! :joy:No way- I also can’t imagine who would be running around anywhere in that kind of weather, not to mention up those crazy stairs! Most of my worries- heat and stairs aside- were how the monkeys were eyeing up all the tourists looking to see if there was anything they could steal :monkey: :eyes: