Ritual blessing on Christmas cards instead of throwing them away?

So every year when I start to take down my holiday decor I get to the Christmas cards that I have been sent from friends and family and it almost hurts to just throw them away. This year I thought about possibly doing so sort of ritual blessing with them for the sweet people who sent them to us. Just wondering if anyone else had done something like this or if anyone had any good suggestions.


I cut out the messages in the cards, and make a collage with them in my grimoire, and write memories or feelings attached to the card/person in the grim aswell. It’s nice to look back over. :green_heart:


The pictures can be adapted as bookmarks.

Scan favorites into the computer and keep them.

Thick cardstock can be used for crafting. I have used it to make bobbins for embroidery floss, paper dolls, and christmas ornaments for next year.

Save a signature, cut it out in a holiday shape. On the back, paste an image from the front of the card. Add a string, and hang on the tree as a special memory for years to come.


I have used them in scrapbooks & have a sealed tote with cards. If they are the photo cards, I will save them or trim the images if there’s no specific message with them & save them some way. Frames, scrapbook, albums, collages… things like that to look back on :revolving_hearts:


Hello @lyns!

When I was living abroad I’d sometimes get cards from home. When it was time to pack up and move, I had way too much stuff and couldn’t bring everything with me- so I’d lay out all of the cards and take a photo of them on my phone. That way I’d always have a copy and they would “live on” that way. I can look back at those photos anytime I wish :blush:

I really like the thought of a ritual blessing- I imagine it could be as simple as holding the cards and saying “thank you for this gift. In turn, I wish you all the best and will carry your kind thoughts with me as I go”.

If putting them in the trash feels wrong, then you might respectfully burn them or recycle them, with the knowledge that they will find a new life in a new form :recycle:

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you can find a method that feels right for you, Lyns! Blessed be :sparkles:


I love the idea of a ritual blessing. Typically I just scan mine and save them as PDFs. That way I get to keep the love and good wishes, but can feel ok about recycling the cards. But sending back some of that love is awesome.