Ritual or spell 'template'

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I am really struggling with creating rituals, spells, sabbats, moon rituals, etc. I have so many thoughts and ideas than I get flustered and confused and give up. I am hoping there is some kind of ‘template’ for creating my own. I know everyone is different but is there a list of ‘must haves’?? I know I need to create circle for protection, and call the quarters/elements and at the end thank and release the quarters…but I am not sure on how the ‘flow’ should look like or include. For example based on my catholic upbringing, i know mass usually has an opening song, and blessing , then three different bible readings followed by a psalm after each and the third/last bible reading is what hte priest talks about, then the ‘last supper’, then closing and a hymn. Each service is different but that is the basic steps…that is kinda what I am looking for - the basic steps that from there I can create my own.


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Hope this link helps: https://spells8.com/lessons/writing-your-own-spells/


I am a former Christian and I have ran into the same sort of issues. I have started listening to an audible book, its also in print, called “Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft” by Raymond Buckland. I haven’t got very far but I just finished the chapter about the ritual initiation into witchcraft or a coven. It was very detailed.
I have been trying a couple of different orders of operation and haven’t settled into a routine yet. I take a lot of notes and every time I learn something new I try to incorporate it so see if its a ‘fit’. I found it helps me if before I began I set up a “cheat sheet” of what order I want to do things so if I forget I can refer back to my page.

  1. Put on nice music for meditating, ex. ‘woke nation’
  2. light a candle
  3. make a circle
  4. call the quarters
  5. Light incense
  6. meditate
  7. light more candles if needed or wanted
  8. Spell time
  9. meditate
  10. Say your Thank yous, release the circle
  11. put out flames, clean up etc.
    Also if I leave crystals on my altar overnight I put a cloth over them so the sun doesn’t damage them.
    I would greatly appreciate input from the more experienced ones on this topic too!

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Iris already shared one sort of method for casting spells that’s worth looking at.

I also really like Sarall’s layout, too!

I am not Wiccan and don’t cast circles, call quarters, or do any of that stuff. My spellwriting and ritual process is a bit different. I wrote a post about it a while back, actually. You may find it helpful!

I also have this older video on my YouTube channel that talks about how to write your own spells.

I definitely recommend going through the Spellcasting 101 course here on Spells8. It might help answer some of your questions and give you a boost of confidence!

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Lots of great suggestions in this topic.

This is my template for a solitary (Full Moon) Esbat :

Here’s a video with written instructions to use as a ritual or spell template:


Oh Melinda, there is no right or wrong. There are many Pantheons, Greek, Roman, Draconic, the choice is yours. Casting a circle either literally or physically is wise. The circle keeps out negativity and keeps all the positivity you are putting forth, The ritual or spell is yours.
But there are a few steps to follow to make it more ritualistic.
8 Steps to Casting a Magic Spell

Having been raised Catholic back when the mass was still in Latin, the ritual was so structured and profound. Perhaps that’s why we are drawn the Wicca. The rituals are still there, but you aren’t so bogged down by the dogma.
Blessed be and good luck.
Concern is natural, you’ll be fine.th


What a great way to outline/organize it! I’ve copied some of these steps since I often find myself not being consistent with casting a circle in the beginning or thanking and releasing my circle when done.


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