Rituals or evoking

I’m a newbie and I’m trying to cast spells effectively. However I am getting confused about the process what comes first Do I envoke for instance like drawing down the moon then cast a circle then cast a spell then do I bless the candle im going to use and on and on
Im struggling to know where to start and how many rituals to do at once


Welcome, @tracie2 :blush:

Another wonderful question- thanks for bringing it up!

The simple answer is to say that different spells tend to do things in different orders to achieve various outcomes. There’s no one right or wrong order to way to do things! I know this can be confusing, so when you are just starting out on your magickal path, it can be very helpful and reassuring to follow pre-made spells with clear instructions :scroll:.

Guided Meditations are very helpful in building up spell confidence- the step-by-step guidance helps walk you through exactly what to do. My personal favorite are the Guided Tea Meditations :tea:, but I am a huge fan of the Guided Candle Meditations :candle: as well!


After you have followed along with a few, you’ll have a better idea about what works (or doesn’t work) for you. From there, you may consider experimenting with making your own spellwork- but there’s no rush! Take as much time as you need with the basics- building your foundation is the most important step as a beginner :blush:

Have you found the Self-Initiation Ritual yet? If you haven’t already, I recommend checking it out. It is a great guide designed to walk beginners through the basics of magick. You can assess the ritual through the picture below (just be sure you are logged in to your Spells8 account to be able to see everything!)


Wishing you all the best of luck- remember, take things comfortably at your own pace and always remember to have fun! Enjoy your journey into magick :sparkling_heart:

Blessed be!


Hello @tracie2 You definitely found the right place to ask these questions. I see my dear friend @BryWisteria has already offered the best suggestion. There are wonderful tutorials to get you started on the right foot. They will clear up a lot of confusion… because they did for me.
I am so glad you are here. I hope you visit the ‘Forum’ often.


@BryWisteria is right, each spell is different, just as each witch is different. This is why research is so important. There are a Beginner Books for Wiccans where you can find some good ones, and check out our past Book Club entries here, so you can see what those of us in the forum have been reading and what we think of it.

Hope this helps!


Tracie, here’s a simple pattern (ritual outline) that you can follow during solitary spellcasting, based on your question:

  1. Cast a circle first to enter in “ritual mode”. Have your tools with you. You can call the quarters at the same time or do it in the next step.

  2. Greeting / Address : Invite the Moon (or energies you’re going to work with). Use words that describe them (their epithets) or their name and description (e.g. their beauty, abilities, realms).

  3. Make a sincere request . You can write it down, use an affirmation, spell or prayer. Clearly state your intention.

  4. Anoint the candle, tool, sigil, or object you’re blessing (or yourself); or cast a spell here.

  5. Give thanks and set offerings on the altar if you want.

  6. Meditate. This is a very important step because you’ll be able to receive guidance, inspiration and answers. Also try to write down any feelings or impressions you receive.

There’s more context here: Introduction to Deity Work

All the best! :pray: