Rosemary bath spell for career success

Hi I’m doing the career success spell. It says on the 7th day to let the candles burn out. Well the 7th day is tomorrow and my candles aren’t even half way gone. Its going to take a long time to completely burn out and I don’t want any of my crazy cats knocking it over. Another thing it says to bury all the materials. Well I don’t have a yard I live in an apartment. So like where do I bury them? Or is there another way to dispose of the materials.


Hello @Blahhitsjazmin!

Those are great questions- everyone has different size candles, so it is natural that they burn at different rates! :candle: When you are ready for the spell to end (on the 7th day, since that is what the spell calls for) you can blow out the candles and consider the spell complete. If you still feel a sense of incompleteness, you can say “And now the spell has ended, so mote it be”- although this is optional. As with any spellwork, it is your intent that is the most powerful and potent controller of the spell!

In regards to burying materials, there is a helpful guide here: Disposal of Spell Remains that can help you figure out the best way to go about burying or disposing of spell remains.

Best of luck with the career spell- I hope it all goes well! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Have you gotten into chime candles yet? They make perfect spell candles as they only burn like, two hours. You can find them on Amazon pretty cheap too, and they come in a variety of colors. You just ether have to buy holders for them or make them out of clay or resin.


I like to keep a candle burning throughout the day, as long as I’m in the same room there’s usually no problem.

I also recommend that you get some flowerpots. Fill them with soil and you can burn the candles there. Even if your cats knock them over, they’re going to fall in the soil and not cause a fire.

Then you can bury the candles in the soil too as a symbolic way or burying them if the spell calls to do that.


When I use chime candles, I just hit the bottom with the flame enough to cause a drip, hold it onto my plate for 30 seconds or so & the melted wax holds it up! I bought a set of candle holders, but I like my method so much that I don’t even use the holders :woman_shrugging:


That would work, yeah! Good idea! I have holders that have a little pentacle on them so I use those.


Thankyou everyone!!! I need to get these chime candles