Rowan's Weekly Challenge Entry-Dual Wielding

For my :crossed_swords: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Dual Wielding I keep coming back to Hecate as my choice (perhaps she wants me to talk about her…:blush:)

In exploring both lighter and darker sides of my craft I tend to rely heavily on connecting with Hecate for guidance. As many of you know, since opening up more to my craft and my learning, Hecate has always been a high interest for me.

I am attracted to her duality in both being a protector, guide, and teacher but also an instrument of justice. Her torches in themselves are an element of duality where they are the beacon through the darkness and a weapon. The contemporary idea of Hecate paints her in a much darker format with being known as the Dark Goddess, Queen of Witches, or Dark Mother. To think of her as a Light Goddess is some what of a struggle for others.

Personally, I embrace both the dark and light that I sense from Hecate, because there is dark and light within all of us and almost every factor in our lives.

Her darker side gives me confidence and strength, especially when I explore my shadow, I own the shadow parts of myself as a badge of which I have evolved away from or work that needs to be done, and in that sense its motivational.

The lighter side of Hecate puts her as a protector shining her torches to illuminate the path for those at a crossroad in their life, and to escort those between Life and Death. Just as she guided Persephone to and from the Underworld.

“ If darkness is the absence of light, and light the lack of darkness, then Hekate is both a Goddess of Light and a Goddess of the Dark.

Hekate is able to use her torches to fight against the Titans because fire can burn. It is the fear of being burned which makes fire such an excellent tool for protection, combined with the way in which the light it produces reveals that which is hidden. Today we continue to use light to make a place safe – streetlights, security lights, torches and car headlights all contribute towards our safety (or feeling of security) on a daily basis. It stops us from tripping up or bumping into that which we are unable to see in the dark. Light can also reveal or highlight many beautiful things, and we talk about “shining light” on knowledge which was previously hidden being revealed. But coming face to face with that which was previously hidden can be a harrowing experience, and it can be both frightening and unwelcome. The truth about a situation is not always desirable, and it can be terrifying, especially in cases where it has been hidden in plain sight for a long time. This is the kind of light which Plato wrote about in The Cave. In this way, the revelation of what was hidden, with its potential for transformation, may at the same time become a genuinely terrifying experience. Hekate’s light has the potential to be both illuminating and transformative; and dreadfully dark and petrifying.” (D’Este, 2018)

So, the duality I find within my goddess Hecate is both Nurturing and Defensive in nature. She is there in either form as so it is necessary for her to be. Respectfully, she wields both with such grace.

D’Este, S. (2018, 3 21). Hekate, Goddess of Light? | Sorita d'Este) . Retrieved from Hekate, Goddess of Light? | Sorita d'Este)


Hecate is a great Goddess for this. Thanks so much for sharing!


I really like the way you explored Hecate within your practice & the dualities she represents. The so called “Dark Goddesses” seem to have a stigma to them but finding their balance & how they convey their messages, helps people to understand & share their findings with others proudly. Great job! :hugs:


I really like how you reference Hekate’s torches and the way that she provides light to all situations. You’ve done a great job with this challenge. I didn’t even make the connection when I came up with my own idea for my light and dark spell jar but it makes total sense. It’s like a little light bulb has gone off in my brain. Maybe I need to focus more on my work more with Hekate so that she may be able to guide me to help me navigate my way slowly but surely out of this inner darkness that was left by that horrible ex of mine. Thank you so much @Rowan. The penny finally dropped.


Beautifully said, Rowan! You did a great job exploring the natural duality and balance that Hecate holds- both dark and light, as well as life and death. She really is a perfect deity to work with for this challenge! :clap:

I can tell that She takes a very important role in your practice- may She always help guide you towards balance and peace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful challenge entry!


Thank you @Amethyst @Siofra @jessica72 @TheTravelWitch .
I wanted to do the challenge but was unsure of on what, Hecate kept popping up in my mind and when I sat down for dinner at my computer (I usually watch a show there or read) it just came to me that she was perfect for this so I looked up a few articles and was able to finish my challenge entry.