Runes Information Master Post

You’ve done an amazing job with the runes- thank you so much for bringing us all on such a wonderful journey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for suggestions on what else you might explore… you’ve been studying crystal healing, yes? I know we are blessed with lots of crystal posts, but perhaps more methods or rituals for crystal healing? :gem: Or perhaps dig deeper into astrology? :milky_way: Oh! Maybe master posts for each of the main chakras? :rainbow:

All just suggestions you might consider- you have so many areas of magickal talent, Siofra, so if you feel up for more educational posts I’d say follow your heart and pursue whatever calls to you most! Anything and everything you share is a blessing :heart::blush:


You know what, I was in the forum then later on doing some reading & book searching & was like Chakras! I can use crystals, meditation, essential oils/incense… it’s all kind of in there to help accentuate each one. I was like this involves a lot of what I’m working on now!

As a secondary idea was deeper into Astrology, but I could probably do Chakras into Astrology somehow. (Still working on my first coffee, so the ideas aren’t flowing as easily about these things :grin:)


Sounds like everything lines up- hooray! :star_struck: And what an exciting topic to jump into and explore! :star_struck: I’ll be looking forward to your chakra deep dives (and of course astrology too if that’s what comes next!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Okay, soooo… I don’t know what happened with my brain last week, but I was right the first time. Dagaz :dagaz: is the 23rd rune & Othala :othalan: is the 24th rune. I have fixed both the Runes Information post & the original Dagaz :dagaz: post to reflect the proper information.

So from here, I have done each of the runes now :laughing: I am going to do the first post of the 7 main Chakras & set up the Chakra/Energy Main Post next. I’m not sure when the main post will be made, but the Root Chakra post will be next week. :smiling_face: Anything past the Main 7 I will add information posts about the other chakras that are done by other energy workers/healers within the forum. :hugs:


Congrats, Siofra! :partying_face: What an amazing journey through the runes you’ve brought us on- thank you so much for sharing your rune wisdom :heart:

So exciting- I’m looking forward to jumping into the chakras with you! :rainbow: :sparkles:


Just wanted to share rhat the craft section of Dollar Tree had a bag of small wood branch slices, just the right size, i believe for DIY runes. About 2.6 oz in the bag for $1.25; my bag had 59 slices. I am looking forward to making a set of runes.


What a great find!! Those sold be perfect for runes! I look forward to seeing how they turn out.


Those are awesome @mary25! :heart_eyes: I agree with you and Kat- they are perfect for making your own runes. Good luck and blessed crafting! :sparkles:


@mary25 that is an amazing find :star_struck: I may have to make that an adventure today! I would love to make my own! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for this! I’ve been studying runes ever since it was the weekly challenge topic a couple weeks ago. Since it has similarities to tarot, it intrigued me.

I am currently enjoying the Spells8 runes course, and this little book: “A Little Bit of Runes” by Cassandra Eason.

Right now I’m working on memorizing the first 8 if 24 runes, or the first AETT, of goddess Freya.

According to a quiz i took somewhere, my birth rune is Thurisaz, Thor’s Hammer. Interesting! My little book says it also represents a thorn which protects its flower. I am still figuring out what it is about Thurisaz that is me, as I’m a pretty passive person who actually could work on being more assertive.

Anyway, great, thorough post! Thank you.


I finally sent away for a rune set but when I pull them out, all I can think of is yech.
There’s not any sense at all (visual, tactile, etc.). Taro decks either feel good or bad. Still looking for runes that seriously catch my eye.



@chaitea43 you are very welcome! We had quite a few topics on Runes & I had also done kind of a deep dive on them & put all the information together to be easily accessed. I’m happy that it’s been so helpful to you!

I saw that you took the quiz… that was a challenge entry topic I believe that we had done on divination methods. I thought it was a very interesting way to use the runes also! I honestly forget what my birth & solar runes were, I will go back to it & check to see what I had gotten based on my information & let you know! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Garnet I know that feeling… it was a while before I could find ones that I was like… I can work with those. They happened to be made of crystals. I have a Black Tourmaline set & the set that I regularly draw from is Blue Agate. I actually use the Black Tourmaline ones when I make things for the house. I am using 3 of them for my home hanging that I am making.

I don’t know if really cleansing them & maybe sleeping with them under your pillow or by your bed (I’m not sure how you start a connection with your divination methods is…) would work? I’m not sure where you got them from, but when I send for things, I won’t use them when I first get them. They are properly cleansed by me & I sleep with them under my pillow with a clear quartz point with the runes or cards for a few days, then see how they feel afterward.

Or maybe wooden or clay ones, there are runes card decks too… but it is also possible that maybe the Elder Futhark runes don’t align with where you should be right now or your practice. Or that it will come at a later date.

Have you maybe tried Witches Runes or making a set of your own from cardstock or using small pieces of wood or sections of popsicle sticks to get started?

You may also work with them in an entirely different way too. I have a divination/dowsing cloth that is encompassed by the runes as a part where the pendulum can go when I’m using the cloth.

As with anything, sometimes it’s not the right time or just not something that you may be connected to & that is completely okay too! I think it’s great that you tried and if after some time, there is still no connection… send me a message & we can figure something out together about how to proceed with them :revolving_hearts: