S. W. O. T tarot spread - insight needed

Hello lovely people!

I did a new spread today based on SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). My focus was on my Etsy shop and how I can improve.

I pulled the following cards:

  • Strengths: Page of Wands
  • Weaknesses: 4 of Swords
  • Opportunities: Rev. 3 of Swords
  • Threats: Rev. 8 of Swords

For strengths, the page reminds me that I gave an amazing idea and the vision to create it, however I need to be mindful of not just dreaming but reading action as well.
For weaknesses, I see this as I need to be wary of burnout or sulking and feeling sorry for myself when things are not going the way I think they should be.

I’m confused on what the reversed swords cards can mean in the opportunities and threats positions. I have no idea how to interpret the 3 while with the 8, I feel it could indicate me being my own worst enemy. I should be conscious of overthinking and self-sabatoge.

I’m open to interpretation of all 4 cards so feel free to chime in with your thoughts!


Hello @Amaris_Bane,

When I look at the three of swords reversed in the opportunities position, I see this as being a card that speaks to how you feel, and what you are allowing into your current experience.
What we see and hear has a huge impact on our thoughts and inner dialogue. It seems to me that it would be a good idea to focus on getting the positive images into place so that you’re focusing your inner dialogue and thoughts on more positive outcomes or just more positively. Maybe a bit of surrender as well “In every decision I will let go of what is not meant to be” Focus on highest and best and trust you are provided for abundantly. Although this may sound funny- but it is a great to have the opportunity to change our mindset/thinking.

For the eight of swords reversed in the threats position, I see it as being the possibility of being able to stop spinning your wheels, to gain traction because in the upright position of the eight of swords, you’re kind of spinning your wheels, trapped/not gaining traction. But the timing is off (hence the threat?). Because of the three of swords reversed in opportunities, I think it’s really important to focus on your mindset and get your inner thoughts in order before you start to gain traction or get a firmer ground if that makes sense.

I didn’t focus on the first two much as that wasn’t your question- however a weakness maybe that you are withdrawing to recharge your batteries when what is needed is to switch your mindset (3 of swords). 4 of swords affirmation: I find repose in silence and recovery in the moments between speech. (Affirmation from Around the Tarot in 78 days) Also referred to Leeza Robertsons book on reversals.

I hope this helps!

BTW, what store did you have on Etsy?

Edited to add some more thoughts.


Hi! The reversed 3 could be to remember to release any of those painful or not useful thoughts related to any burnout or otherwise that come from the 4 should they start to turn up.

The reversed 8 could be that you’ve really got to release those more negative or unhelpful thoughts or mindsets & a reminder to think about appropriate steps to take for anything that comes up or actions that you can take weighing the truth & facts of the situation by what the thoughts that are contributing to the burnout, sulking, etc… come up.


@Phoenix_Rose and @Susurrus, thank you both! I had a similar train of thought regarding needing to change my mindset and focus on the positive.

@Phoenix_Rose, My shop name is Empower Apothecary!! I’m just starting out but have so many ideas. I need to start setting time aside sitting the week to work on those ideas.


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