Sacred Trees! 🌲

Sacred trees! As an Eclectic Green Witch - I listen to the trees and plants. :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:


Good morning @SilverBear!

As I was watching the video, I realized a couple of things. When we moved into our home, there is an Oak Tree on either side of the house. Plus, this past year, I planted a Lilac bush in our front yard. Originally, I saw it & it reminded me of my childhood home & how much I loved the lilacs that we had growing up on the corners of our house.

(Whoever planted them originally there, put them way close to the corners of the home & they kind of grew up the sides & gutters. They were HUGE… at least 2 stories so they were planted a long time ago)

I already have plans to grow some climbing Nasturtium around a couple of other Oak Trees in the backyard/property line area.

(One thing about Nasturtium is that it actually grows better when left to its own devices)

Thank you for the information & I have that book too! It was a really good read for me.

I have another book: Celtic Tree Magic that I am going to read soon. :two_hearts:


Oooo…I may be interested in that book, now I must go search for it lol.


I have that one, too! I’ve only skimmed it it so far, but isn’t it funny the way that we seem to read the same books? Sure, we all “run in the same circles” but there are so many books.

I love trees. I’ve planted several (15+) on my property, have a couple I am nursing indoors and plans for more in the spring. I have been referred to - not unkindly - as a “seed thief,” because I have been known to collect acorns and other tree seeds in an attempt to propagate the ones I like at home. I have successfully grown oaks from acorn and overwintered them in my garage before planting them.

If I had my way, it would be illegal to cut down a tree until you’ve grown one to maturity.

So I’m a little weird - but you knew that already. :wink::wink:


@SilverBear I will give you a jump-off for the book :blush:

@Undomeher there are soooo many books that I have read or want to read. I think this is part of why I enjoy participating in the Book Club.

Now that I think about it, I was for the most part excluding plants/flowers/herbs, but in our greenhouse next to the garden we have 12 Japanese Maple saplings that we care for at the moment. I think I am going to look into those because we are keeping 1 - 2 for our property, but the others we can sell to local landscaping companies once they are a couple of years old.