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I’ve got a thing going on with Scotland. Have you seen any books on Scottish folklore or witchcraft? I’ve read one called “Scottish Witchcraft” that wasn’t quite what I was looking for… I actually don’t really know what I’m looking for… so really anything is game!


I dont have any book recommendations. Hkwever, the following website may be useful.

I have used it with the children in my class when exploring Scottish myths and legends. It has a range of stories and is categoried by the different regions of Scotland. There are also podcasts to listen to.

You may find some of it interesting.

Blessed be


Thank you! I will definitely be checking this out!


You are most welcome. Is there something in particular that draws you to Scotland? If its something specific, i may be able to help further.


You know, I don’t know. I have never been to Scotland, but I am so pulled to visit. The landscape takes my breath away. I love the history (and did even before Outlander was a thing), I love the music. I love the stories. I’m not really sure why.


@AileyGrey It really is a beautiful country. We are very lucky to have such beautiful lanscapes on oir doorstop. The country is steeped in history and mystery too.

I vsisited one of my favourite places recently called Glencoe. It means the “valley of weeping”.

There was a massacre here in 1692 involving rival clans. The anniversary is on 13th February.

While the massacre most definitely happened, it is also said that a witch warned the victims before it happened but no one would listen. The night of the massacre, she went into the hills for safety. She returned the next day to find the bodies of the dead. She took the sword of the clan chief who had been slaughtered and threw it in the river, saying…

So long as this sword lays undisturbed by man, no man from this Glen will die by the sword again.

Another little Scottish folk tale there.


Blessed be


I hope you don’t mind that I upgraded this conversation to a home of its own! Things tend to get lost and buried in the comments of other threads, but here it can hopefully be a helpful place for Scottish and Scotland-loving witches to gather and share resources :scotland: :pray: :blush:

It’s gorgeous, @Cosmic_Curiosity- your pictures are amazing! Glencoe looks like a fairy tale land come to life. It’s stunning to see :heart_eyes:

I like the folk tale as well- it’s not too often there’s a tale about a good and helpful witch. A shame it didn’t end well for the villages, but it’s a very neat story! Thank you for sharing it :pray::heart:


This Scottish loving witch doesn’t mind at all! I just found out there is a celtic festival in North Carolina in February that I am trying to convine my husband we should go to…


That sounds awesome! :heart_eyes: I hope you’re able to go to the festival!

I wonder- do you think it will be similar to a ren faire where visitors are encouraged to dress up? (That would be so cool!) :dancer: :sparkles:


Maybe! I’ll dress up for anything… even if no one else does!


I’m with you! If we’re going to the faire or a convention we are dressing up - that’s half the fun, if you ask me! :laughing: :+1: :two_hearts:

I hope you’re able to go (and if you do, please share pics!) :heart::blush: