Scrambled, Hoping for some Direction

Hello lovely. I’m Tracy from England. I’m a chaos witch and Norse Pagan. Loki is my patron deity. If I can offer you one thing, as a mum too, it’s to connect to our Norse gods through simple natural means. Just go back to being. Our gods energy is in everything we do, everything we see, feel, smell. When we start our day in chaos, so much to do, you are with Loki, when we sit and look at the world around us and think, we are with Odin, when we watch the rain, walk in the wind, we are with Thor.

I have these beautiful videos from the lovely Freyia, I hope they help.

A Simple Good Morning with the Gods
Above is a nice ritual to start your day.

If you like runes, I’m currently experiencing the runes in a daily, simple way here
Feeling The Life of the Runes
There are some simple ways of drawing on their energy, like drawing :sowilo: on your wrist each day.

The gods, the magic are with you, everywhere, every meal you prepare, every motherly act you perform, every dish you wash, you are the magic. You are special, you are beautiful. :green_heart:

Here’s the Norse deities master post
Norse Deities Master Post