Scrying with Smoke

Have you ever tried any form of scrying?

What you will need:

Dried Tobacco Leaf
Dried Valerian Root
Charcoal disc
Cauldron or fireproof dish
Mortar and pestle
Lighter or matches

Optional: A notebook and pen to keep track of things you see.

Of course utilizing these items produces smoke (that’s the whole point) - BUT make sure you are in an area where you won’t set off fire alarms :joy:

And practice fire safety! :fire:


Scrying is such a fascinating divination method- and the fact that smoke is cheap and easy to come by make it a very accessible method! :grin:

There’s a great point about being mindful of fire alarms- and since breathing in smoke has some worrisome health implications, working with fire should be done in open and well-ventilated areas :fire:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @Silverbear! I always love learning about new knowledge and tips for divination and scrying :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great video! Thanks for sharing!!

Capnomancy (scrying with smoke) is a very interesting form of divination and a great excuse to have a bonfire too :fire:

Edit: I recently did a smoke spell and meditation with a similar method: Mugwort & Bay Leaf Spell for Spiritual Growth

Also, thanks for the safety tips, @TheTravelWitch!


Definitely would do this in a well ventilated area…or outside…bonfire would be perfect!


That would be amazing! :heart_eyes: I can picture it now- a crackling fire with smoke drifting up to the open sky and stars above… a perfect place and beautiful location to do some scrying! :fire::camping::milky_way:

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