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Hello :heart_eyes: hope that everyone is having a great day! So I have a question I thought maybe some of you who are much wiser and experienced than me, might be able to make suggestions. I am struggling to let go of/move on from a past love interest. This is someone I met when I was 18 years old. She and I tend to reconnect every few years or so… We recently reconnected and had been talking, kind of catching up. There was a misunderstanding and despite my numerous apologies and trying to explain to her that it was a genuine mistake, she just completely cut me off. It truly breaks my heart that she cut me out over a genuine mistake. I guess that behavior alone should tell me that she isn’t worth my time… But for some reason I can’t let go and my heart is just completely broken. Does anyone have suggestions for a specific cord cutting spell or any other type of spell/ritual that I could do to help me move past this? I feel like I need to cut any and all ties but I don’t know how. I wish there was a way to just forget her completely… But I know that will not happen. Ugh :weary: any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you in advance :pray:


I would try using crystals. Keep an apache tear near you or in your pocket. They are good for grief. Sounds like you might need to do some healing too :wink:

There is a cord cutting spell on spells8. I’m sure you could tweak it to fit your needs. Or this spell might be more what your looking for:

Sending positive vibes to you :purple_heart: :rose: :rose:



Thank you… Yes, I do have a lot of healing to do. This was actually my first love, and I’ve never stopped loving her unfortunately… Because it’s obvious that she doesn’t feel the same. I’m going to try your suggestions :pray::heartbeat: thank you so much


The first love is hard to get over but time heals.

I know you will find someone to love you back as you love them. It will take time to find a new love but don’t rush it. Love yourself first and love will find you. Like attracts like!



I agree with Sarall’s response and was coming to share the same links. It does sound like a cord-cutting is in order as well as some healing and self-love work!


Oh, honey, hearts don’t really break, no matter what we’re told, but it sure can take a beating.
We had a challenge in December 21, called Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Freedom in Forgiveness
It turned out to be an absolute cathartic for me to forgive past sins, my own and those committed against me. You might read some of the answers and find them enlightening.

Think about letting go, just letting go.
Bless them, forgive them, then bid them farewell.
You cannot make anyone happy, not for any length of time.
You can’t make them love you.
What can do is concentrate on loving yourself.
You absolutely cannot make them stay, why would you want to and have a bitter resentful person on your hands. You’d be miserable.
Pretty girl, I really am NOT trying to be mean it’s just a fact of life

Be strong, pull up your big girl panties and make a whole new you.
Most of all Carrie, forgive yourself, You’ve done nothing wrong. What you have done is learn some painful lessons.

You have such value, you can be anything you want, don’t waste yourself on a longing that in 5 years you’ll wonder what were you thinking?
love and blessings


You may also want to try writing a letter or email to her about all the things that come to mind about the situation & the loss & then keep it & bury, delete, or burn it to release it when you are ready to do so, along with the suggestions above. It works for me to get my genuine thoughts & feelings written down & then I can release them once the energy is on paper.

I would be sure to practice self-love & care also. :revolving_hearts:


Hi @carrie4,

I’m sorry to hear of your heartache. First loves are always hard to move on from, especially if they have been in our lives for a long time. While I know it hurts, I want to stress that you shouldn’t rush your grieving process. The suggestions provided will help you with this process.

I too write letters, or even just ramblings, on paper and then burn it to release what I wrote. I use it for grief and anger mostly.

Sending you positive and healing energy for your journey forward.


@Garnet thank you so much for your sweet words. Also for the reminder that I’m really worth so much more. There are times when I can clearly say to myself that I deserve better… In the beginning of our relationship/friendship, it actually started out with her lying to me and I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt… And now most recently, when I made an honest error and apologize profusely but she cut me out - it tells me a lot about her. Your words do help me realize that in the end, I’d probably end up regretting things. Thank you for sharing the link to the past challenge. I’m going to read those too, and maybe I week get some other insights :heart:

@Siofra_Strega thank you so much! Yes I actually did start writing a letter today. I am not done, as there is SO much to process with this person and our twisted relationship. It’s just been a lot. I really think that the heartache I’ve felt from the beginning with her has shaped every other relationship I’ve had…I know it seems dramatic to say but I honestly believe that. She has broken my heart over and over from the very beginning and since then, I’ve never truly trusted my heart with ANYONE else. Ugh that’s a hard realization.

@Amaris_Bane thank you so much for your kind words. I am trying to process everything in my own time. I’m trying not to force it along… It’s such a difficult thing honestly. I just wish my heart would heal.


YES MA’AM, YOU ARE! :sparkling_heart:


The mind and the heart speak different languages sometimes- it is really tough to get over past loves. But that just goes to show that you have a very strong heart and love that shines so brightly and strongly, @carrie4! :heart: You will find someone worthy of your beautiful heart someday :blush:

As for moving on from this past love, you’ve already got some great suggestions! I second a cord-cutting spell or a letter- either a “lost love letter” writing all your emotions and memories, or a “farewell letter” addressed to her saying goodbye.

One additional spell you might consider is the Burn Away the Past Spell:

Also, just a loving reminder to be patient and gentle with yourself. The stronger the emotions, the more time it takes to heal. Spellwork does wonders for healing and easing the overall process, but if there’s a spell that makes you instantly forget- I haven’t found it yet! Be gentle with yourself as you go through the process :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You will move on from her. You will find someone deserving of your strong love and beautiful heart :heart:

Blessed be!


The cord-cutting spell … it’s not a bad idea but in my experience, I had to be really ready for it. If you are still feeling emotionally connected to her, it can be painful. I did an intense cord cuttng ritual in early April. I had to stop it – it was too much. I cried like a baby.

My experience with grief is that it helps to be busy. Not so busy that you are not in touch with your feelngs. But if you can set aside time when you reflect and other times, you are doing something that takes you out of your head, you may find you heal faster. The things that tend to help me the most are doing things with my hands that are really absorbing, like sewing or making jewelry, and doing some kind of service for others, like tutoring, child care or volunteering. Those things don’t let me focus on my sadness too much because they demand so much mental energy. And they make me feel better about myself.


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