Self Care Messages & Tips to Your Phone

Hi! I know a lot of people have things going on in their lives that they may or may not share with the coven. Myself included. One thing I found at my Dr’s office yesterday that has actually helped so far with tips & messages to your phone is a text line:

Text: Care4Me to # 4012053898 (I’m not sure if you have to add a 1 in front of the number. My phone automatically adds it in there… so I didn’t include it. If it doesn’t work without it, add the 1 before the #4)

At first, it sends you about 5 paragraphs each in text form. The 5th text starts with 3 questions that you answer. Then you will get about 4 more texts about your answers & going forward.

24 hours after you originally text the number, they will send you a text about how they will help you through your techniques & shift your mindset from a negative focus to a positive focus, control negative thinking, practice gratitude, & more… depending on how you answer the questions asked in the beginning.

I have found it helpful along with the Finch Self Care app.

The Finch app is really good for me because since I started using the app I have had to rework routines & goals & “journeys” to keep me from getting too overwhelmed or overstimulated at certain times of the day & to help me with reminders for different things.

Without going into any of my personal diagnoses that aren’t already known or situations, it has really helped me to be able to stay present & grounded & to remember personal joys. :two_hearts:

I hope it’s able to help someone else that may need some reassurance or tips & tricks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :people_hugging:


This sounds like a really awesome resource, @Susurrus! :heart: I agree that something like this would go well as a companion to other self care apps. A self care routine can be hard to stick to, so the more reminders and encouragement the better! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I ran a Google search to see if they have a version for those outside of the US, and it looks like the UK has a site with resources too: (although I’m not 100% sure it’s the same group).

Thanks so much for sharing this, Siofra! :two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you! I had thought… I wonder what the number is for outside the US because I know the exchanges can be different. Thank you for finding that information :revolving_hearts:

(I tend to find things to read or pay attention to while I’m waiting & their screensaver was different advertisements related to migraines, doctors, services, & general mental & physical health resources)


Thanks for this - did you find a website I could look at to review prior to texting the # for USA? I searched for it and could only find the one that is help for parents with their children. @Susurrus @TheTravelWitch_Bry


I saw the number at my Dr office through Cape Cod Healthcare. I will absolutely see if I can find a website for you either from there or the Care4Me… so… I’ll be back… :smiling_face:

EDIT: @jan_TheGreenWitch so I’m on the hunt for you… it is a RI phone number that you text the Care4Me to (I believe it’s RI) & I have a message to the doctor’s office that I was at & my primary care’s office to see what they can tell me about it.

I can supplement with a screenshot of what happened when I text the number though:

So that’s the first 2 texts out of the first 4 about the messages then the 5th starts the questionnaire…

Those are the next 3…then it’s questions that you answer & there are a few of those & it gives you a basic summary of your answers then you get the messages each day. So my message yesterday was exactly 24 hours after I had first texted them.

Once I hear back from either medical provider, I will let you know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Okay, so after a few things & my text from them today… I decided to get creative to find out what resource it is that Cape Cod Healthcare is using for this text message system.

@jan_TheGreenWitch The website is:

So the text number is from this service & it’s where any questions or support you may need for them goes to for the answer or to contact the actual company.


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