Self love jar for a friend


I have a very serious situation at hand!!! And need advice ASAP If not IMMEDIATELY PLEASE!!!
One of my closest friends has been having a lot of troubles lately with loving herself and she isn’t seeing how beautiful, unique, valuable (I could go on but I’ll stop myself there) she is to not only me; but to her husband, her 2 young children, and her whole family. I’ve been trying to convince her of all these qualities and abilities that she has and she just keeps shutting me down about it.
So, I thought maybe I could make her a pretty self love jar to give to her as a gift; but I’m not too sure how to go about making one for a friend… Can anybody help??


Just use taglocks. Taglocks are used to target your magic, be it positive or negative. I’d a parchment paper with their full name and birthday written on it and maybe if you have a picture of them? Put that in the jar and adjust the chant. For instance, if you use “I” use their name.

So if you use the Self-love Jar Spell from the site, I would say “Into this jar I place my love, Abundant love for all Joan Doe is, all she has been, and all she ever will be. Into this jar, I place my love for Joan Doe, and may she carry it with her.”

And then when finished I would give them the jar so she’ll have a representation of how much you love her. Does she know you’re a witch? Cause that may be the tricky part. LOL!

Here’s a video on taglocks if I didn’t go into them enough for you.

Hope this helps!


Greetings @DeveenaMavila,

I think making a self-love jar for a friend is both a really great gift and very thoughtful idea- you are such a kind friend! :blush:

Amethyst shared some great information about Taglocks- that is a great way to link any spellwork you choose to do with the intended recipient (your friend). I also second the Self-love Jar Spell Amethyst shared- that’s a great recipe to follow!

If you’d like to make your very own jar spell, I recommend reading the How to Make a Spell Jar Guide. It has some great advice and tips for making spell jars in general, and it has another Self-Love Jar Spell recipe you could take a look at :scroll:


Wishing you all the best- happy crafting and blessed spellwork! :sparkles:


Thank you
I definitely like the whole poem thing, lol going to find it now


Good morning Daveena :sparkles:

I think it’s sweet that you’re thinking of your friend and trying to get her to see herself the way other people do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know personally that both sides of that can be difficult to manage – self-confidence, self-love, trauma, mental health, and general life all play a role in how we see ourselves as people and how we think others see us. Do you know if your friend has gone to therapy? :speech_balloon: Because outside of magickal assistance, I highly recommend anyone struggling with their self-confidence and self-image to see a therapist – I’m definitely speaking from personal experience :sweat_smile:

@Amethyst has a great suggestion for tailoring a spell to your friend and not you. A taglock is the perfect way to target the spell to your friend. And the spell shared by @TheTravelWitch_Bry is perfect! There are also spells that could be adjusted for someone else :people_holding_hands: instead of just one person. For example, our :sparkles: Spell-A-Day for today is the Self Confidence Spell that uses a sigil. You can include that particular sigil in whichever spell you do.

Even this love spell for a love potion can be adjusted for your friend and her self-love rather than finding a soulmate.


Whichever direction you choose, I hope you find something that helps your friend!


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