Serpentine crystals, have any?

Hi all, i just wanted to know if anyone else owns or regularly uses/wears a Serpentine crystal? I have just purchased one from a person who has been listed as trustworthy and was very intrigued to buy it as i have heard it is great when using in trance work and it is a protective stone as well as it increases self-confidence and helps you trust judgement in concerning situations (according to my crystal book). Let me know what you think/know :blush:


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch!

Yes- I actually bought a few strings of Serpentine crystal beads a few months ago! They make very pretty jewelry, although the beads we got were a bit big and thus on the heavy side :sweat_smile: . The feel of them reminds me a bit of cool marble, and the color is kind of similar to Connemara marble from Ireland, which I do wear quite a bit.

That being said, I haven’t used Serpentine in any ritual or spell work yet- I’d love to hear how it has worked for others!

Serpentine is, at least from what I’ve seen, a relatively common and inexpensive crystal. If it calls to you, I definitely recommend giving it a try! :green_heart: :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hello @TheMuslimWitch - I use serpentine in my daily assist with my own side effects with treatment. I found for you a good .AU website that talks about it and has a link to Atlantisite which is only found in Australia! It is a metaphysical and healing stone through and through and promotes balancing of chakras and as you indicated is protective.

Quoting from this website above:
“It’s a general name for a group of closely related metamorphic rocks that are translucent to opaque, waxy tough, fibrous and frequently occurring in veins.
These minerals have essentially the same chemistry but sometimes a different structure. Due to the mineral composition the healing properties of these varieties are the same.”

Touts cleansing, rebalancing the digestive system, electromagnetic pollution, heart rhythm disturbances, kidney and stomach complaints, corrects low blood sugar, diabetes, muscle weakness. it will ease skin inflammation, eczema, varicose veins, remove warts and skin and hair parasites. AND, also has many uses for the mind and therapy.

So I’d say you have a winner there! I use it but I didn’t realize all the positive effects of it until today, thank you! :rock: :green_heart:

AND HAPPY OSTARA TO YOU!!! :cherry_blossom:


Thank you and your welcome. Happy Mabon to you too :blush: :blossom:


I had never heard of this mineral group until you brought it up! Naturally, since I loovvee snakes, I had to check it out :laughing:

It’s a really pretty stone! MineDat says that Serpentine is actually a subgroup of minerals that contains many different types of crystals including lizardite, chrysotile and antigorite.

It looks like if I can find some from an ethical source that I trust it might be a good stone to keep on hand!


I have a piece that reminds me of a tooth honestly… but I keep in my selenite bowl or with my crystal turtles. I actually got it in a Mystery Box from New Moon Beginnings & was immediately intrigued. So it’s had a home on my altar ever since!


@TheMuslimWitch Look at the serpentine stone I received today with my Monthly subscription box “The Witches Box”! Kismet!


Do you mean septarian also known as dragon stone? If so than yes and I carry it with me in a gris gris type bag or poultice with My Astrological stones and my late wife’s stones


Septarian is not what is in the box pictured. I buy most of my supplies local from Jacobs Trading which is a Wiccan supply store I buy my crystals and rare herbs from there. They have mugwort and mount Shasta blue sage, and tons more. They have large crystal skulls (life size) and full scale quartz crystal balls but those are $$$$$$


Beautiful! I would love to get a monthly subscription like yours. Thanks for sharing i will look into a mystery box that can be sent to Australia and will check the one out you got first :blush:


Septarian is a beautiful stone too but it’s different than Serpentine which is a subgroup of minerals :blush: