Shadow Tarot Spread

Hello beautiful coven,

I have found some tarot spreads to help do shadow work. They are pretty good. However, lateral thinking can be hard for me. There is one spread I like but one of the questions I can’t think of ways I can apply the cards. I would like to know what you think of the possibilities of how it can be answered. It is question 4.

  1. Identify a shadow trait
  2. Why have I held onto my shadow trait
  3. Hard truth about my shadow trait
  4. Practical application
  5. How to care for myself during shadow work

What is the practical application ?

I know it is how I intend the answer.

I can see it as practical advice of how to deal with shadow trait.

What other ways would you see the practical application ? There is a block in my head with this and suggestions may help open them.


Edit- to correct advice to application


On #4… after you’ve identified the trait, why you’ve held onto it, & the hard truth about it… the practical advice would be how to approach it & move through it to overcome it.

Or that’s how I would take it as what its meaning is going to be.


Thank you @Susurrus. I went to update my spread and it says -practical application.

Does that change how you perceive it.


I think application would be how to kind of overcome it & learn from it & use it going forward to your benefit.


Hi Phoenix Rose!

That’s a good question- “practical application” is kind of general and I agree it’s hard to wrap the mind around. I had to stop and think about this one! :grinning:

I think Siofra has a great definition. Adding to it, for me, the word “practical” makes me think of “hands on”- it’s setting aside theoretical to actually do something. It involves direct, forward action.

Looking at it in the whole picture, it looks to me like: identify (#1), learning more about it (#2 and #3), then practical application (#4) would be what things you can do right now to take action (to remedy/let go of this shadow traits, I assume). Then the last card (#5) is safety/after-care.

Just my thoughts on it!

Good luck with your reading- I hope it goes well for you :blush::flower_playing_cards:


Thank you @BryWisteria ,:grin: the word application threw me a bit as did the card.

Thanks @Susurrus :grin:

Sometimes the cards throw me and I can’t see how it works. In this case, I realized I needed to drill down on what I could think of for ‘practical application’ because, as @Amethyst put it so well, I was head blind with the answer to that one :grin:


I think this is a wonderful spread for shadow work! I can see how each question has a specific purpose, and then pulling all the questions and answers together can give you one big answer and a path forward. I love it! :clap:


You’re very welcome @Phoenix_Rose, glad I could help you with it! :revolving_hearts:


You’re welcome, @Phoenix_Rose- I’m happy if I could help! :heart:

I’m glad you were able drill down and work out the meaning. It really is a lovely spread for Shadow Work- I wish you all the best with your reading!

Blessed be :sparkles:


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