Shadow work

How do I start delving into shadow work? How so I learn more about my past lives? Also what all does shadow work intell?


Hello @Dragonfly97,

Shadow Work is the beneficial practice of delving deep within onself to face your fears and work through internal challenges or blockages with the goal of finding inner peace and stability. Although it is a wholesome practice, it involves a lot of hard work and can be both emotionally challenging and very difficult.

It is a complex area and what it entails often depends on the witch themselves. For a full overview and how to get started, there’s a Shadow Work Course that has you covered:

It is often advised to do Shadow Work in tandem with therapy and lots of self-care. It really can be challenging, so if you decide to embark on a journey into yourself, plan time for rest and recovery too! Here are some places with ideas for Self-Care work :mending_heart:

Although Shadow Work may touch into past lifetimes (particularly for those who believe that trauma or experiences in past lives may influence the current life), exploring past lives is something that can be done outside of Shadow Work.

There was a past challenge all about past lives- I recommend scrolling down and reading through the comments from the coven! There are some wonderful ideas and suggestions about how to go about exploring past lives there :blush:

Peering into Past Lives - Weekly Witchy Challenge
Spells8 Past Lives Witchy Challenge

You can also explore other discussions about past lives in the forum- I hope you’ll find lots of ideas and information to help inspire your journey! :star2:

Good luck and wishing you all the best, Dragonfly! :heart:


I did not know there was a video course for that. Shadow work is very difficult but always worth it. It can be very freeing. It’s not the warm fuzzy witchcraft but it feels amazing once you get to find parts of yourself you didn’t know you had or thought you didn’t want or need.


Was coming to send you the course but I see it is handled. I need to start doing my shadow work I have been getting signs and my friend who is also my spritual advisor telling me to do it. I did the course but I need to dive deep. I just need time.


I haven’t made it through the Shadow Work course but I just figured I’d drop some more information for you here if you’d like it :blush: I have a video on Shadow Work on my channel, plus a few different blog posts.

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Hey @Dragonfly97
Shadow work can be very uncomfortable. You can buy journals to guide your journey, $$$, but there are also sites to help.

past life?

There are also videos on YouTube that help with past life regression.
Blessed be
Good luck.