Shaken but not stirred!

About a 2 or 4 hour drive North of Anchorage, there was a 4.1 earthquake.

I felt the big jolt as I was setting up for a Protection Pet spell. I followed through despite how unnerving I felt with the shake.

Then my daughter woke up, I made us some hot oatmeal, put her back to bed and am hitting the hay myself(its 2:25am here).

I will post my spell working tomorrow, but, I am super excited about the new challenge. I have a rose quartz pendulum, her name is Rosica(Rose-eh-ka) and she is a faithful companion. I’ve also been itching to share my first tarot and oracle deck I bought last year that are crystal based, with this lovely family on Spells8.

Till tomorrow… or hah, a few hours!


That’s an intense earthquake! I’m glad you’re alright. I remember there being an earthquake when I was little. But barely anything happened. And I can’t wait to see your Oracle and tarot decks! And of course Rosica! :revolving_hearts:


Glad you’re okay @janelle! I know Alaska has a lot of shakes but that’s kinda a big one. Good luck with your Pet Protection Spell


Ooh scary stuff with the earthquake but glad you’re ok! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can’t wait to see these tarot and oracle decks and your pendulum! :star_struck:


I’m glad everyone’s okay @janelle!!

The Red Cross has an earthquake app that gives you advice for prepping and what to do after an earthquake. I think you can also add your loved one’s locations to get notifications if they have an earthquake in their area.


Oh goodness, that sounds terrifying! Glad to hear you are safe- you truly have a lion’s heart for plowing through with a spell during an earthquake! You are made of tough stuff, @janelle! :clap: :laughing:

I’m so glad you’re excited about the challenge- I can’t wait to see Rosica (such a beautiful name!) and your decks! :gem::flower_playing_cards: Happy spellwork and stay safe!


Thank you all so much for your good vibes!

Everyone, animals and all are a-okay!

I just posted the spell. Be on the look out for Rosica and my Crystal Tarot and Oracle post :slight_smile: