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Okay, someone recommended The Kitchen Witch on YouTube ( I’m so sorry, but I forgot who. But, I listened to all of her videos and bought the cookbooks she used in her cooking. I have determined to follow the recipes in these cookbooks using a witch perspective! The ingredients are on order (not all are in my local store). This brings me happiness and pleasure! Thank you so much for sharing! I am exploring different ways of being after my husband died and my children are grown. This is an adventure!


The Kitchen Witch is amazing- I know a few others in the forums love her videos (myself included- she makes great content!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so happy to hear you are having fun exploring new areas and practicing your magick! :sparkling_heart: I hope that it continues to bring you happiness and success- Blessed Be! :pray::sparkles:


Thank you for sharing! I just added Woke Nation and I will definitely check this out and subscribe to her also!

Thank you so much! I am going through some type of empty nest syndrome. My two oldest boys are having milestone years at the same time and I feel like they don’t need or want me around anymore. My oldest moved out two days after he turned 21 and my 18 year old as of July 5 is already looking at apartments! I think they are testing my strength. My 11 year old has decided that I don’t need to “Mom” her anymore or as much, but she will learn that I have staying power she could only dream about and she gets her will from me! She’s fun when she can’t figure out how I know things or why I am 3 steps ahead. Lol


I will have to check this one as well, thanks @wendy4 . I have came across a youtube channel that I am watching right now, because I am researching Hecate. Im a little confused if she is the triple moon goddess or not, so I found this one:
And she mentions a tidbit of interesting information about the Statue of Liberty that I found pretty cool.
@Susurrus I added Woke Nation also, and I sympathize with you on the empty nesting…I just graduated my last two babies (We home schooled the last 10 years).


Thank you @Rowan! I have my 11-year-old still home and she will be in 6th grade and homeschooled at least this year.

From what I have read, Hectate is referred to as the “original” triple goddess. I hope that helps!