Sharing Etsy Sites

If you are interested in Celtic Goddesses and images you might like PaintingsJudithShaw | Etsy. She has Celtic Oracle cards from original paintings.

She posts on several pagan goddess sites so I am hoping this is culturally appropriate. I think so because an Irish Druidess had similar images. Her facts are supported by Irish lore. !


Ohhhh the cards are beautiful, @wendy4! :two_hearts: In my personal opinion, if she worships these deities as part of her practice, is practicing respectfully, and has made original paintings of her own design then there should be no problem! It looks like she has thoroughly researched Irish lore and that she relates strongly with these goddesses :blush:

Thank you for sharing, they are lovely to look at! :two_hearts:


I ordered several prints. I love these deities! I also loved her animal visualizations, and tree visualizations as well. I believe her heart is in the right place (according to my own point of view). We have such a way to go to integrate the world into a group that can save humanity from themselves. PS. I am an American who sees what our government is becoming. The majority of us saw this and voted differently. We have protests ongoing, yet we are under siege. This is a blade I will die on, as will many of my friends. Keep love alive. This is the only time I will mention politics on this site. If you want to know more, my Facebook page is under Wendy Kleeb.


Theyre beautiful! I just bought 2 decks. (One for me and one for my son) next time i buy some ill have to check these out!


Thank you so much for sharing!


Those cards are gorgeous. I’m going to check that site out right now.

I am slowly adding items to my shop! I AM SO EXCITED! LOL But holy moly - it’s a lot of work listing all these items LOL. So many little details in making a store. I want to just to list all the items with a snap of my finger and it’s not working lol.

Of course, I am also the type of person that wants everything done yesterday…so this project has been teaching me patience.