Sharing gratitude with Spell8!

Hello my family!

I have been missing my community for a while however I am still keeping up daily with my wiccan practices. I don’t know how many thank you’s you all deserve because I don’t think I have the means to pay for so much knowledge.

I was able to protect myself and rely on spirits to light me and guide me. I have advanced on my tarot reading skills. I am more intuitive and I have found my own way to channel messages. I wish each one of you so much peace, love and protection. I truly believe you all are ok during this bad period and time of war. Please take care and stay strong!

Humbly, receive those two songs from me. May we all be guided by the Goddess Hecate and enlightened tonight. Blessed be!

So mote it be!


Warm greetings @SingingWitch- it is always wonderful to hear from you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A huge congrats to you- this is amazing! You have really been flourishing in your Craft :hibiscus: The results of your studies and hard work are all paying off- may you continue to reap the rewards and grow even more on your magickal path :sparkling_heart: :blush:

Thank you so much for your kind blessings, love, and these very beautiful songs- they are all much appreciated! :pray::heart:

Sending so much love and light back your way too- wishing you all the best, Singing Witch!

So mote it be! :two_hearts:


Thanks with gratitude I enjoyed hearing these beautiful artist and there voices and Melodie’s, from the heart :heart: many blessings to you too :heartbeat:
The Lucky one has lots of symbolism in her art!
I am lucky too to be alive!


Hi @SingingWitch! It’s great to hear from you! I’m so glad you’ve advanced your practice. That’s great! And thank you for sharing the songs! You’re very sweet!


It’s so wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad you’re doing well :heart:


@MeganB @Jeannie1 @Amethyst @BryWisteria To all of you, a huge thank you! Your kind attitude towards me will never be forgotten. Blessed be!


Oh my, I am so happy for you :smiling_face: sounds like you have progressed quite a bit in your practice & that’s amazing for you! I’m thankful for the wonderful songs also! It’s always nice to hear from you & I love your check-ins! So happy to hear from you & that you are doing well! :revolving_hearts:


Happy to hear from you too. Take care and enjoy the beats!


I took time to listen twice💓
Am glad u doing well💓


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