She spent a week becoming a witch || The Independent Article

Have you read the article in The Independent yet? It’s making its rounds in most pagan communities and many, many people are really upset about it.

I’ve written a blog post about it on my own website, as well as a YouTube video, but I wanted to get everyone else’s opinion on it, too. Have you read it?

Here’s my video, if you’re interested.

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100% agree with everything you said in the video!

Condescending, cynical, sarcastic… The writer of that article was clearly trying to stir the pot and offend people.

Like you said… Imagine if I went to a Lutheran church and wrote an article (on a newspaper!) making fun of their rituals, their beliefs, and their “irrational practices”. Nobody in their right mind would do that, but I guess Witchcraft is still the butt of the joke and these mainstream “news” aren’t going to help change that.

On the other hand, at least it brings some light to the conversation that we should be having (like in this video! :muscle:) and will probably unite Witches into a revival of the Witches Anti-Defamation League, which apparently is still much needed!

Thanks for this video!

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Wow…condescending is an understatement. I rarely get offended, as I try not to take other people’s garbage onto me (I am empathic so I try very hard to protect myself from the noise) but, this article… wow…all I can say. She isn’t very smart to piss off a bunch of witches either… LOL

Your video was great…spot on. I love how you try to stay calm – sipping your tea :heart: You did much better than I would have!! Blessed be.


I try! Especially since I know I have minors and sensitives who watch my channel and listen to my podcast. Besides, it doesn’t do us any good as a group if we are constantly running around with our emotions on our sleeves and letting them get the best of us.

I normally don’t get involved with the videos or articles that approach this topic from a respectful place and genuinely want to learn. However, this person did none of that!

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UGH…I just now noticed her smug picture with the witch hat…that has condescending written all over it.


Yeah, she’s not very popular among most witches right now. Some are defending her right to her opinion - which I can slightly understand. However, just because she has the right to her opinion doesn’t mean we have to like it, stand for it, and accept it when her opinion is offensive and dismissive.

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I get it. Everyone has the right to free speech. But it doesn’t mean you are free from consequences from that speech. :heart:


I read the article and watched your video (@MeganB) as well. I myself rarely ever get offended and this was just … ridiculous. Condescending, Ignorant, Rude. Everything in the article is portrayed as a joke. And like everyone else has said, If this was about any other religion (more known, more practiced, and larger) then this would have been taken down for sure by now.


I’ve calmed down about it a bit, but it’s still very frustrating! I couldn’t imagine going into someone else’s belief system and treating it like this person did. Completely disrespectful, and I hope they have learned their lesson.

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