Shiny new Boline

So… i have a pretty Boline, impulsive order and I am obsessed with it, however, i dont have any spells/rituals or anything to do with it! I am to the point that I am going to be just carrying it around to open mail, cut an apple, etc just so I get a chance to use it! Help a sister out! What do you all use it for? How can I add it into my daily practice? I am so drawn to it and love it!


I love :heart: your enthusiasm & the feeling of being drawn to an item. I was the same way with my crystal wand made of amethyst, clear quartz, aquamarine, emerald, pearl & Italian blown glass. I fell in absolute love with this handcrafted wand adorned with crystals for my highest good & assistance & guidance from the Divine. & my selenite athame… I have a thing for crystals. I do not, however, have a boline.

I could be wrong because I am also an eclectic witch, but a boline is used to cut or carve within the circle that you cast when doing any ritual, spell, meditation… whenever it is that you cast a circle. Maybe someone else that may be owns one or has used one may have a better answer.

I do use an athame when I cast a circle or need to direct energy, but I have never used or owned a boline.

@SilverBear or @MeganB, do you know of anything about the use of a boline? Or anyone within the forum that may have a better answer?


Thanks for your input! I think that is what was said in the video I watched at the start of all this, that folks ise it to cut things in their circle but what sorts of things would i be cutting or carving in my circle? I was thinking of using it to go gather herbs but dont know anything about herbs but love learning new things. So that might be my project this summer!

I have been trying out my wand and my athame for circle casting, been loving the wand more than the athame so far, but tend to use the athame if I have to send energy to a specific object, like pouring energy into an amulet.

Picture of my love, I love her so much!


Gorgeous boline, @melinda6! :heart_eyes: If it called to you, I am sure you will find a good use for it in your practice- it’s just a matter of figuring out what! :smile:

A smaller, white-handled knife, called a boline , is the tool of choice when cutting ingredients or carving surfaces. While the athame cuts on a spiritual level (e.g. cutting energy cords), the boline is used for practical purposes such as harvesting herbs, inscribing candles with symbols or sigils, or cutting physical cords (e.g. thread or ribbons). An athame is not generally used for cutting.

From Spells8: Ritual Knives

Before beginning to use your boline in your practice, you may want to consecrate it. There is a complete printable page about bolines with more information on consecration and how to use them on Spells8 that I recommend checking out.

Additionally, here is a boline consecration method by Scott Cunningham:

“Early in the morning, head to the forest (park, garden). Choose the most beautiful and vibrant plants. Touch them gently with the tip of the knife, forging a connection between the knife and the plants (and thus the Earth).

Then sit on the ground. Making sure you are alone, make a pentagram on the ground with the tip of the knife. It’s ready.”

By Scott Cunningham, From Spells8: Ritual Knives

As an avid green witch and studying herbalist, I’m cheering you on- I think using your boline to harvest and handle sacred herbs is a wonderful idea! :green_heart: :herb:

The world of herbs is very exciting but also very vast. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend taking a look at the Green Witch Herbal Course.


It’s free with your membership and gives a very thorough overview to herbal magick, as well as plenty of medicinal tips for using herbs in healing as well! Many of the herbs explored individually in the course are beginner-friendly and easy to find at local nurseries/plant shops- or even in the grocery stores :potted_plant:

I’m sure you’ll be able to find some great uses for your beautiful boline, Melinda! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you! This was so helpful! I did consecrate it via sage, and playing music next to it, but the Scott Cunningham consecration sounds so gorgeous and perfect so i will be doing that sooner than later!

I used it the first time just a wee bit ago, inscribing a candle with fertility symbols for a fertility spell, (dying for another little one but the mister and I are about 50lbs heavier, 5 years older and not sure it is meant to be) anyway, it felt wonderful, i dont know what it is about this boline but i just love it. I have a gorgeous amythyst and quartz matching set athame and wand but the boline is what makes me smile every time i look at it! I think it means i need to get out to nature and figure out the herb and plant life but we shall see! Thanks again for your information, especially the new consecration ritual!


I also wasn’t sure but have used my boline for cutting my herbs from the pots, opening candle wrappers, fixing my lighter dedicated to the craft, cutting the burnt parts off of palo santo stick and cutting other herbs i have dried… Since its always there on my altar it is easy to access and use to things related to my craft…


I was just coming here to quote that. lol Beat me too it! :slight_smile:


Traditionally, a boline is a ritual knife used to cut objects during spellwork. This would be used to cut ritual cords and ribbons, food, herbs, etc.

I don’t personally have one, though.

Edit: I guess next time I should read the replies :laughing: @TheTravelWitch_Bry already gave a wonderful response!


Again, same :grin:


OMG that reminds me of the weapons Ancient Egyptians used in battle. What a find!
Bright blessing to you
and your little knife too.


Wow :star_struck: That’s really nice!


You’re very welcome, @melinda6- I’m happy it was helpful for you! :blush: It sounds like you’ve been able to find some wonderful ways to use your boline, it must truly be a special and blessed tool to bring a smile to your face each time you see it :heart:

Wishing you all the best with your herbal and nature work, and if you do decide to do the Cunningham consecration then I wish you all the best, have a lovely ritual! :sparkles:

Blessed be!

Sounds like we were on the same page @Silverbear and @MeganB- great minds think alike! :wink: :joy: :two_hearts:


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