Showing interest in Gods and Goddesses

**There are at least 5 deities that I have always been interested in, actually there might even be more lol. **

So my question is, are being interested in deities the equivalent to being called on by them?

I suppose that’s for whomever to decide themselves though?


Sit back and trust the signs. The gods will seek you out as they see fit. Every divine being will use signs that they believe will be noticed by you. That said, if you feel drawn to anyone, it can’t hurt to show them appreciation.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you watch this video lesson on Finding your Deity:

The main point is that there are no specific rules.

"However, finding a deity is a bit more intricate than just reading a name and choosing one. When talking about their practice, many Wiccans will mention their magickal work in conjunction with a patron god or matron goddess. "

For example, I’m trying to cultivate a bond with Apollo right now, so even though we’re not super close, I try to honor him whenever I feel like he might have done me a favor.

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Speak to all of them. There is an interest in them for some reason…the subconscious? Read everything you can about them. Then they will do the rest. And there is nothing wrong with have several deities, you are not limited…