Single Tarot Card Fun

When doing a daily Tarot card pull, pull a second card. Place the second card on the left, then on the right of the first card drawn. Notice how the energy changes. Use this second card for the next day or even for a week and notice the energies generated.
Have fun!


There’s a lot of power in where the cards lie- I can absolutely see moving the card as changing the energy! This sounds like an interesting idea- I’ll have to give it a try with my daily draw tomorrow :grin::+1: Thanks for the idea, @sri! :clap:


I think I am going to try this later today when I do my card draw and then my pendulum draw. I will just use the pendulum twice instead of once!


Great idea. Thanks for the tip! I will try this during my Witches’ New Year divination tomorrow! :candle:

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