Sky Gazing Meditation

I know in some parts of the world it’s a bit chilly to do this outside! BUT…maybe you have a nice window that you could sit near and still participate in this meditation.


That was beautiful and much needed! Thank you so much!


That created a sense of warmth and felt refreshing. It will be a nice meditation practice to use throughout the day. I can see myself using it often to center myself between tasks.


We have a fire pit out back & a nice porch that I can bundle up and sit on while I do this. Thank you so much, I appreciate your videos for spells, rituals, & meditations. They have been a great addition to my practice.


Beautiful as always, @Silverbear! :heart::milky_way: I’m afraid it’s too cold to be outside here, and even if I could brave the chill there’s nothing to see but cloudy smog :cloud::laughing: I’ll be saving this lovely meditation for when I’m in a different place.

Thanks for sharing! :star2:

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