Sleeping with black tourmaline

So I have this bracelet and actually fell asleep with it on my arm and had some disturbing dream . Is this bracelet not meant to sleep with? Could this be the cause of my disturbing dream?


I would guess it is a coincidence. Black tourmaline blocks negative vibes and energy, typically. You might have had a bad dream for another reason. Maybe put an amethyst or rose quartz on your night table and see if that helps?


RespectfulIy, crystals can have more than one property. I have heard that black tourmaline can have the effect of sleep disturbance and bad dreams.


I found this article that mentions sleep disturbances with Black Tourmaline…

"…A few have reported experiencing bad dreams after sleeping next to a black tourmaline crystal. At first, this might seem very odd as tourmaline is a protector and deflects negative energy, which improves the quality of sleep while also enhancing dreams. But such odd experiences are not that uncommon. Since everything that happens in relation to crystals is energetic, it is difficult to find causes for every effect experienced. The trial and error method is your best friend because there are so many factors involved, such as the energy signature of the user, the environment, the user’s subconscious motives and intentions, the purity of the crystal, etc.

The most common cause for experiencing bad dreams is an impure or unclean crystal. A crystal has been through many different environments and has come in contact with many different materials before it reached you. It has picked up a lot of different energies during its lifetime. Crystals store energies (like capacitors) and these energies can remain in the crystal for a very long time. I do not believe in categorizing energies into positive or negative since energy is just energy and whether it will have a negative or a positive impact upon the user is relative to the energies of the user. However, stagnant energy is never good…"

How Tourmaline Can Affect Your Dreams


I like the post that siofra shared. Definitely make sure it’s cleansed! Just run it under cool water for a little bit. It’s normally a protector of energy. More so grounding. I have no issues with black tourmaline. But, we’re all different. You could try a black obsidian in it’s place, it’s not as high a frequency as tourmaline. You may possibly be sensitive to it’s energy. Do you feel overwhelmed with any other stones?


Black tourmaline is a stone of protection, it absorbs negative energy, so it needs to be cleaned quite often. You can use sage, lavender, sweetgrass, etc., or set it in a window under a full moon, or bless it during a ceremony or ritual.


Thank you :relaxed: