So....I got a cat... ☺️

Can anybody share with me the ACTUAL history behind a witch and a cat? Is their even a connection? I I know they were worshiped like gods in Egypt at one point but is there a connection between them and witches?

I got a baby today, felt drawn to her. Like we picked each other. I named her Salem after the Salem witch trials.

We’re already like two peas in a pod. :hugs:


I have always loved cats. When I was growing up we actually had 1 fully black cat named Piewacket & another with a little tiny white patch on his throat named Rufus. (My mom was very creative with names & they just got longer as time went on… like our tabby with white legs & paws was Ringo Two Socks (Ringo Star & inspired by Dancing with Wolves)

I found an article about witches & cats & their connections:

History of Cats & Witches - Alchemist’s Kitchen

Why do Witches Have & Like Cats? - Magickal Spot


A lot of the folklore around cats and witches has to do with familiars, if I remember correctly. I don’t have a lot of sources handy for this but maybe it can point you in the right direction for some research of your own.

Some folklore says that witches would turn into cats to walk the night and do the Devil’s work. There is folklore in Ireland and Scotland about a cat that steals the souls of the Dead before the Gods can claim them.

They believed that it could steal a person’s soul, before it was claimed by the gods, by passing over a corpse before burial; Cat-sìth - Wikipedia

It’s also said that this same cat is thought to have been a witch who could transform into a cat nine times rather than a sí.

There’s a lot of folklore out there about cats and witches! I tend to think it’s because cats have always been seen as liminal beings. In folklore, they tend to walk the line between this world and the Otherworld, one paw in and one paw out, so to speak. :paw_prints:


I used to have another cat that i bottle fed back to health he almost died. But he became VERY close to me!! His name was Berkeley Bear. He was a black tabby and when i say furry and fat with emerald green eyes that’s what i mean. :slight_smile: Like, 22 pounds and just fluff! Hahaha. He was BIG baby! Lol. I miss him.

That’s interesting about the folklore behind cats. I will def read about it. Thank you both!


This is a good book on Cats and Witches and their connection. I read it, oh, about a year or so ago. It was good.


A little bit of lore about a witches cat.

Cats of Witchcraft

Cats can be harbingers of coming prosperity and good fortune.
A cat of three colors is extremely lucky and will keep a house from harm.
A smutty-nosed cat will bring wealth to its companions.
Stroking a cat’s tail nine times grants good luck in love And just sharing your home with cats will bring you many blessings.
Cats are known to hold the spirit of the witch they belong to and will protect wiccans against evil.

No author on this. Sorry.


It’s beautiful!!!

She is calico. She’s got black, cream, white and a little bit of orange on her face. But mostly she’s black. :slight_smile:


I can see you’ve already got some great advice and resources here, so just popping in to say congrats on your new fur baby, @triplemoonlove9091! :partying_face: :heart::cat2:

It sounds like you and Salem were meant to be together- may she watch over you, keep you company, and always remind you that you are loved! Congrats again to both of you! :black_cat: :two_hearts:


Thank you, so much!! She is definitely my baby! <3


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