So I'm just curious

Have any of you worked with Lilith? I’ve been really starting to feel pulled to work with her


I haven’t worked with her myself, and I’ve heard conflicting information on whether or not she’s part of closed practices, but I believe others here have written about working with her? The link below is one I found for here in the forum.

Does anyone have any sort of experience with Lilith?

There’s also these links here that might be relevant :blush:

Spells8 – Lilith Information

My Lucifarian Wicca & Lilith Statue

How to summon a succubus/incubus


I have been working with her for quite awhile but I still don’t feel like I know that much about her. One thing I did find out is that she likes chocolate as an offering. :slight_smile: I had to move recently and I haven’t set up my Lilith Shrine yet, so it might take awhile. I do believe she is worth working with, and I feel like even a great demoness will sometimes need some love. :slight_smile:


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