My Lucifarian Wicca & Lilith Statue

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about getting myself this Lilith statue as a little personal present to myself. I really like it so I thought I’d share.

What I want to do is carry out a form of Craft that does not deny the God, Goddess, and the other deities, while still incorporating elements of my Christian upbringing.

I would like to create a form of the Craft that acknowledges Lucifer in his perfect state, before his fall from grace. You know, as the supreme angel in Heaven. I’ve been thinking about this for some time. To be exact, in my way, Lucifer is not Satan, but the being of perfection that he was created to be.

I feel that I am inspired by him to achieve perfection myself, and this is what got me into the Craft in the first place, and a key motivator to my forms of self-improvement.

I still believe in other deities and the power and comfort they can offer. I would be lying though, if I said Lucifer (angel) didn’t play a part in all of this. I know I haven’t been overly open about him before, but tonight is a good night for that.

I feel like if I purchased this statue, it would pay off in the end and further me along my path.

I would like to start my own form of Wicca, acknowledging Lucifer not as Satan, but as a figure of heavenly perfection. I would call this religion Lucifarian Wicca. “Let’s see how far it goes.”


I like the statue, that is a great present for yourself. As far as the Lucifer part it’s your craft so I would do what feels right to you. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong because it’s not their path to travel.


I think it is wonderful that you are drawing on the important influences in your life and combining them to find your own spiritual path, @colin! :raised_hands:

It takes a lot of work to be a trail-blazer and find your own way, but the reward is that you have an identity where you can feel truly at home in your own beliefs. And that is a very blessed thing to be able to be yourself! :blush:

I am amazed by the details of the statue- she is very artfully made! Now is a good season for treating yourself and appreciating abundance. If it is calling to you, I think you should go ahead and get yourself a nice new statue! :grin:


WOW @colin I can see why you are drawn to her. She is beautifuly crafted. The artist captured a great deal of personality and symbolism into her form. She LOOKS powerful.
I agree with @krissie117 and @TheTravelWitch that the most important issue here is how YOU feel about it and the intention you place upon it.

“What I want to do is carry out a form of Craft that does not deny the God, Goddess, and the other deities, while still incorporating elements of my Christian upbringing.”

I believe that is my path as well. I tend to invite the ‘Universe’, or ‘angels’, or the ‘creator god and goddess’ (because I see that as biblical) At least in my own practice I have not wanted to add statues that might limit or define the feeling of the infinite and all powerful. As a result I have yet to add any statues to my altar. I LOVE the artistry of beautiful statues and I have some lovely post cards that an artist designed and even a deck of tarot with the gods and goddess but I have yet to put them out. I think I am basically lazy…and don’t take the time to connect to any one personality or persona of god. BUT THAT IS ME. So isn’t it fun to let our own intuition guide us in our work. I think if this stunning depiction of LILITH speaks to you then she is a lucky lady to have found a good home.

HAPPY YULE @colin. I really am honored that you have chosen to share your thoughts along your journey. It is like watching a flower unfold.


Thanks for the support! I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of replies but I’m really happy that your giving me such encouraging support. :slight_smile:

@krissie117 Thanks for telling me to do what’s right, it means a lot.
@TheTravelWitch Getting support on my journey from you feels great, because it makes me feel like I am truly accepted by the forum. :slight_smile:
@berta I’m sure she would like the comments on being powerful! I know what you mean about not putting the statues out. I feel like a statue of Lilith acknowledges Lucifer a little more than a statue of the God or Goddess, and it feels much better for me.

This community just makes me so happy sometimes. I love getting up in the morning and checking my posts. Today is going to be a good day!

The statue is 24.5 inches high so she is pretty big! I think I’ve got the perfect place in my apartment for her. I’m sure she will bless me! I can’t wait to see what gifts she will bestow.


That is beautiful! The detail is phenomenal! Thanks for showing us this gorgeous statue!


@colin you are very welcome. It’s up to you to create your path and make your journey what you want it to be. So if it feels right, go for it. It’s great to see how you have progressed since I first saw you in the forum. You seem more confident with how you want this to go for you and you’re doing great!


There are paths within Wicca that embrace Lucifer and you may find them as you journey on your own path. Lucifer in late “Jewish mythology” and in “Christian mythology” is a complicated topic. As is the concept of Satan - a concept not formed in Judaism until Babylonian captivity through the influence of Zoroastrianism.

I say all that to let you know you have nothing to be ashamed about your path. It is a freeing thing to be able to say what you believe without fear of rejection and I believe you see we are all very welcoming to others’ beliefs. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: I hope your life outside of Spells8 finds such warmth and compassion for what you believe. Thank you for trusting us with the knowledge of your journey. We all have something to learn from each other and it is exciting to see fresh perspectives such as yours.

(Please don’t treat Wikipedia as the final authority in any topic; instead, follow the resources linked below each topic. Also, in Easing the Transition From Another Faith, there are books that discuss Lucifer/Satan in passing.)

I love the statue, by the way. :smiley:


Wow @colin, I love that Lilith statue. Is so freaking awesome. For the benefit to others, I’m going to post a link here of a unboxing of this statue, so you can see not only the details of it as seen on Colin’s pictures, but on how big it is.


Things I have learned on my path, incorporating on my Craft other forms of Magick systems. Is the difference on Lucifer & Satan. While for Christians Lucifer & Satan are the same beings, it’s not for Luciferians & Daemonolaters. On my personal perspective, when connecting to them, you can some how feel a difference in energies from one of the other. Not to mention their sigils and the ENN chant used to make that connection.
Satan’s Sigil-O’Toole Sigil
Lord Satan’s Enn – “Tasa reme laris Satan – Ave Satanis”
images (1)
Lucifer Sigil
Lucifer Demonic Enn – “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer”


I completely agree and just to add, when I was recently in college, we were not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source to be referenced. It is completely made up of people adding their own bias to whatever topic is being discussed. Anyone can edit the information. It can be used for a general idea but using a trusted source when looking for insight on one’s beliefs and how they are going to approach something is a much better idea.


I agree, that’s why I used to trust more in WikiLeaks instead of Wikipedia.


I see all kinds of people citing Wikipedia and I always try to find that article plus some kind of another source with the information on the topic. I like to have a lot of information to use for basing my opinions.


That’s the right way @krissie117. :blush:


I just have to say that when I saw that Lilith statue my jaw dropped to the floor, she’s just so gorgeous! :heart_eyes: Thank you for showing her to us @colin and thank you for the unboxing video @pedros10, it really shows how massive and amazingly detailed she is! And yes, she looks immensely powerful :smiling_imp: and if I saw her live I might just drop down on my knees! :pray:

I now have to ask, where could I buy one of those statues, and how many of them exist in this world? :smiley: Also I would love to know more about Lilith herself, I can google of course but well curated links and book recommendations would be more than welcome! :black_heart:

I wish you well in your craft, wherever may it take you, and always stay true to yourself! :green_heart:


Any other question concerning to Lilith, feel free to ask.
Blessings! :eight_pointed_black_star:

Thank you for the link and the blessings :heart:
My blessings also to you :pray:

Reading through the article I felt more and more that I know her already, and that I’ve been either seeing or projecting her on fictional villainesses on screen, who are allowed to look and be powerful, dark and sensual. One good example is the 2014 movie Maleficent. I’m usually not a huge movie buff but that one I just had to go to see and it swept me away. How a dark queen like her can also be caring and nurturing and not really evil at all. It was exactly what I came to see, to the point that I’m not completely sure which parts were the actual movie and which were my interpretation, or who knows, Lilith herself making a subtle appearance!

I need some time to process this new information, if any questions come up I know who to turn to!


Blizzard Gear Store - Overwatch, WOW, Merchandise, Statues, Shirts, Apparel, Shop

I’ve ordered the statue off that shop. Be prepared for some handling charges though. The statue is made by the game developer Blizzard and is from the Diablo universe. They have a number of other statues that are cheaper.


I hope she arrives to you safe and sound, and soon! :heart:
Looking at the size and quality I didn’t expect her to be cheap! I so wish I could click that order button too… but hey, I’ll see her on Diablo IV! I enjoyed 3 a lot, the gameplay is fun and the aesthetic is really something else.


Diablo IV is going to be good fun. :slight_smile:

I thought I would share some info about this Lilith in case anyone was curious.
There are three Prime Evils: Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, Diablo, Lord of Terror, and Baal, Lord of Destruction. This particular Lilith is Mephisto’s daughter, making her the daughter of Hatred.
For me? She will symbolize much more than this as I’m going to tie in my Lucifarian concepts.
I think we will have a lasting relationship that is sure to be quite the long journey as it expands over time.