So it's been awhile

So life has kept me busy.

I accepted a new position at work. Turns it was another promotion. It has kicked my butt with all the hours.

My new position has been very exciting and being able to make changes to my staff, and overall operations is great.

In the next week or 2 we will start our 60 hour work weeks til after first of the year. Then I will start to have free time.

If this covid stuff has calmed down we are traveling to Ireland in March for a few weeks and enjoying a long overdue vacation and to visit with family there.

Financially things have been amazing.

Our girlfriend also got a promotion and really enjoys her new job as well.

With all the work we have still made time to practice regularly. The girls have been reading, learning, and crafting every chance they have.

Last night we had a few friends and one of my children over to celebrate Samhain. It was a very good night and emotional too.

Everyone is doing great mentally and physically. My wife has been making all tea blends now. She took my recipes and made her own.

Bella is still running around being herself. Not sure where she is getting all her energy from lol.

That’s where our lives are at right now. I really hope to have more time to post more and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need anything.


So great that you got a promotion, even if it pulls you away from the site. Sounds like you had a wonderful Samhain, that’s great! I’m glad it went well.


I can just imagine sweet Bella running around in circles lol but I’m glad you had a great Samhain. Congrats on your (and your girlfriend’s) promotion! :clap:t3: I’ve been trying to visit famy in Italy as well. I’m planning on next spring. No date yet bc who knows what the future holds. I’ve tried to visit before. In divine timing, I’ll get there. Glad you and the family are well dear friend :blush:


@daniel4 this is all great news! I am very happy for you and your family! I hope you get to travel to Ireland to see other family members too!


Congrats! How exciting, a trip to Ireland! That’s my dream place to go one day.
Blessed Be,


So many wonderful things in your lives now, @daniel4- thanks for taking the time to check in! It is good to know you are all doing well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck with work- and how fun you have an exciting vacation to look forward to! I will keep my fingers crossed that travel opens up and you can see your family in Ireland again very soon :shamrock:

Be well and blessed be! :two_hearts:

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